Board of Trustees

As the governing body of Asheville School, the Board of Trustees is responsible for charting the course of the institution and planning its future. Board members come from a broad range of professions and backgrounds, but they share in common a love for and dedication to the school.

Board Members

Mr. Laurance D. Pless 1971 Chairman P '09 '13
Ms. Ann Craver Co-Vice Chair, P '11
Mr. Peter L. Hellebush 1964 Co-Vice Chair
Mr. Robert T. Gamble 1971 Treasurer

Mr. Marshall T. Bassett 1972
Mrs. Leslie M. Casse 1981 P ’17, ’20
(ex officio Parents’ Assoc.)
Mr. Haywood Cochrane Jr. P ’17
Mr. Thomas E. Cone 1972
Mr. Peter J. Covington 1971
Mr. Walter G. Cox Jr. 1972 P ‘06
Mr. Matthew S. Crawford 1984
Mr. D. Tadley DeBerry 1981
Mr. James A. Fisher 1964
Ms. Jean Graham Keller 1995
Mr. Richard J. Kelly 1968 P ‘19
Mr. Nishant N. Mehta, 1998
Dr. Gregory K. Morris 1972
Mr. J. Allen Nivens Jr. 1993
(ex officio Alumni Association)
Mr. Oliver G. Prince Jr. 1971 P ‘00
Ms. Mary A. Robinson 2002
Mr. Arthur H. Rogers III 1988
Mr. Walter A. Ruch III P ’08
Mr. David M. Stover 1975 P ’11
Dr. Frederick F. Wherry 1990

P - Parents of Alumni

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