Graduation Requirements


To qualify for an Asheville School diploma, you must earn a total of 18.5 credits, must be enrolled during the entire Sixth Form year, and must pass all full-credit courses that year. All students must carry five courses each year.

Standard Course of Study

Before each Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Form year, the Academic Office reviews each student’s schedule in light of graduation requirements and college goals. Teachers recommend students for Honors and Advanced Placement level classes. See specific course descriptions for AP or Honors availability. The Academic Office will review your files to determine the classes and sections that best match your profile.

Third Form (9th grade)

The Academic Office will review your files to determine the classes and sections that best match your profile.

  • Ancient Studies
  • Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II
  • Biology
  • French, Spanish, or Chinese

*Depends upon demand.

Core Class Requirements (18.5)

  • Humanities: 8 credits
  • Math: 4 credits
  • Language: 3 credits
  • Science: 3 credits
  • Fine Arts: 1/2 credit (Intro to Studio Art)


As a senior, you must address the entire student body during Chapel or Convocation to fulfill the public speaking requirement. A panel of faculty members will assess the speech to determine if it meets standards for content and presentation.

Community Service

As a Third Former, you’ll engage in on-campus community service with faculty members. As a Fourth Former, you’ll participate in off-campus community service. Between your Fourth and Sixth Form years, you’ll commit to 40 hours of community service working on behalf of one organization such as Habitat for Humanity. Upon completing a graduation requirement of sustained volunteerism, you’ll submit a 750-word essay about your experience to the Head of School.

Outdoor Experience

During your first year at Asheville School, regardless of Form, you’ll go on an overnight camping trip.

Senior Demonstration

A graduation requirement, the Senior Demonstration is the capstone academic experience at Asheville School. Sponsored by the Humanities Department, this in-depth project tests a senior’s analytical writing, research, and speaking skills. You’ll write two major papers, then defend your work in an oral examination before a panel of faculty members.

Recent Senior Demo Topics
Andrew Jackson The Aeneid and the Iliad The fiction of John Irving
Jane Austen The fiction of Flannery O'Connor The life of John Coltrane
Cormac McCarthy Steve Jobs F. Scott Fitzgerald
Tennessee Williams The life of Bob Marley Lincoln
John Irving The poetry of John Milton