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Ivy Givens '10 & Jillian Crotts '16

While Ivy Givens and her brother West were visiting Asheville, the Crotts family took them to Upcountry. Pictured are West Givens, Ivy Givens '10, Jillian Crotts '16, and Joanne and Milt Crotts.

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Warren Givens 2008

Once an advisor, always an advisor! James Pharr '97 keeps up with his advisees. James discovered on Facebook that his former advisee, Warren Givens '08 was to perfom at the Isis Music Hall in West Asheville on Saturday, July 1. Warren or W.B. Givens, as he is known on the music stage, has moved back to the Asheville-area, and he is engaged to be married later in July.

Pictured: Ford Willis '07, James Pharr '97, Warren Givens '08, and Burt Gordon '86.

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Daryl Brown 2005

We recently heard from Daryl '05 and he writes, "I just finished my first year of business school at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. I have an internship this summer at The Dow Chemical Company. Please tell Mr. Lambert that I'm trying to make a career out of chemistry! Next year will be my last year of business school and it will be a busy one. Outside of class, I was elected President of the business school. So between class and the responsibilities as President, next year will fly by!"

Pictured are Jon Brock '05, Brian Sutherlin '05, Daryl Brown '05, and Tylan Merkerson '06.

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Toby Lomax 1999

Toby Lomax recently visited Asheville School friends in Asheville, NC and in Los Angeles, CA. He met up with with Mussie Haile 2001, Richard Katzberg 2001, and Gary Shields 2002 in L.A, and he met Jay Bonner and Jessica Bayer for dinner in Asheville.

Jay writes: "We had dinner with Toby at Plant last Friday. Toby is working with Deloitte, a UK based consulting company, and is currently involved with a company and project in Nashville, TN. Toby spoke with great fondness of Willie Schmidt, Toby's US History teacher, and he has great memories of his time at Asheville School. In fact, he feels much of his success in business is attributable to his year at AS!"

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