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Anna Weeks, Asheville School class of 2001, is committed to environmental conservation. Since her time at Asheville School, Weeks has been drawn to this field in regards to education, career choices and volunteer opportunities.

After her graduation from Asheville School, she went on to attend The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After earning a degree in Environmental Studies, Weeks worked in Environmental Compliance for the Wal-Mart Corporation and as the Sustainability Coordinator for Audubon Arkansas. Weeks is currently in her third year of law school at The University of Arkansas, and has plans to practice Environmental Law, focusing on conservation. She is also currently conducting research for the Department of the Interior’s Indian Trust Reform Commission.

She writes: “The Dean of my law school was appointed to the Indian Trust Reform Commission by Ken Salazar (Secretary of the Interior). She is tasked, along with the four other appointed commissioners, to ‘undertake a forward-looking comprehensive evaluation of the Interior’s trust management’ of nearly $4 billion in Native American trust funds. The commission will make a recommendation in December on how the trust can be better managed.”

Outside of her school and professional work, Weeks also volunteers with the Northwest American Land Trust: a national organization whose mission is “to promote long-term stewardship of our natural and cultural heritage by implementing successful private land conservation projects and promoting innovative land conservation techniques.” Weeks is also on the Board of Directors for ABLE: The Association for Beaver Lake Environment. Beaver Lake is Northwest Arkansas’ main drinking water source, and ABLE strives to promote the general welfare of the areas surrounding the lake.

In addition to her environmental work, Weeks also supports the Stone and Holt Weeks Foundation, a memorial foundation dedicated to Weeks’ cousins, Stone and Holt Weeks, who were killed in an automobile accident in 2009.Weeks also volunteers with the organization Girls on the Run.

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Craig Hunt, who graduated from Asheville School in 1970, has had a varied and exciting career. After his time at Asheville School, Hunt attended Wittenburg University, a liberal arts college in Springfield, Ohio closer to his home state of Indiana.

Hunt majored in Bio-Physics and as he neared graduation, he worried that the job market in 1974 looked a little bleak. It was at this time that a “master salesman” of a Navy recruiter captured Hunt’s attention.

“Vietnam was winding down and the thought of joining the military wasn’t on anyone’s short list, so you know the recruiter had to be good. For recruiting purposes he had at his disposal a T-34 Navy trainer aircraft so, at his urging, I skipped a few classes, we went flying which entailed aerobatics over my parents’ farm and then I signed the papers.”

For the next 18 years, Hunt spent his career flying the Anti-Submarine P-3 Orion. He flew missions all over the world including the Pacific, East Asia, Aleutian Islands, and off of the coasts surrounding the Indian Ocean.

“One mission I find fairly interesting entailed flying in the Sea of Okhotsk. This is an area north of Japan which we consider international water, and it is completely surrounded by Russian islands and land mass except for a few mile wide corridor north of Hokkaido, Japan where we would enter to monitor Russian naval sea trials and submarine launched missile tests; we were always under threat of being at the wrong end of a fighter intercept and being potentially armed with only antisubmarine and anti-ship weapons we could only defend ourselves with a box lunch. So, on this particular mission we were directed to enter the Sea of Okhotsk, locate, track and collect acoustic data on the very newest and fastest Russian attack submarine, the Alpha. At that time, no acoustic data had been recorded. We accomplished our goal and came home with the data.”

Hunt now works as a subcontractor for the state of California flying the S-2 T; a converted carrier based Navy anti-submarine aircraft. Flying the single-piloted two engine turboprop is seasonal for the summer and fall, and he flies over the landscape almost every day during the summer. For the other half of the year, Hunt works as a course assistant at the University of California, Santa Cruz teaching General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

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Anna Weeks 2001
Anna Weeks 2001

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