Athletics have been a rich part of the Asheville School tradition since the institution’s earliest days.

More than 80 years old, the school’s annual football game with Christ School is the oldest prep sports rivalry in the Carolinas. The annual Girls’ Sports Day, founded in 1990, is a special event when the school community honors its female student athletes and cheers on the girls’ volleyball, tennis, cross country, and field hockey teams.


Today, 21 interscholastic sports teams compete during three separate seasons over the course of the school year. The school’s athletic facilities are considered among the best in the Southeast.

All freshmen and sophomores must play on one interscholastic team during the year, and approximately 75 percent of the entire student body chooses to play sports in any given year. The seasoned coaches are committed to providing an activity that suits the skill level and interest of every student.

The school is a part of the Carolina Athletic Association (CAA) Conference and a member of the North Carolina Independent School Athletic Association (NCISAA). In the fall of 2011, the Asheville School football team claimed the runner-up trophy in the NCISAA state championship game.

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Asheville School athletics is really about one thing: team. Even in our most individualized sports -- cross-country, wrestling, and swimming -- our kids uphold the pull of the team, defining themselves not necessarily by what they personally accomplish in their sports but by their contribution to the team. They are Blues, and that identity, that spirit, connects them from sport to sport, season to season, and year to year.

Tim Plaehn
Volleyball coach, Humanities teacher and Honor Council Chair

School spirit is so big here. You’re not just cheering on your sports team; you’re cheering on your friends. People are more compelled to come to games and support the teams because they know the players personally.

Corrie Kuehn, Class of 2015