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Use this section of our website to search the contact information for our faculty and staff. You can search either by last name, department or position. For general contact information, use the address and numbers listed below.

Points of Contact

General Admission Questions 828-254-6345 x4022
Financial Aid 828-254-6345 x4055
Parents & Student Life
Parent Relations 828-254-6345 x4077
Student Affairs Office 828-254-6345 x4043
Office of the Head of School 828-254-6345 x4016
Dormitory Life 828-254-6345 x4068
Dean of Faculty/Human Resources 828-254-6345 x4030
Director of Counseling 828-254-6345 x4040
Infirmary 828-254-6345 x4058
Security 828-254-6345 x4034
Technology 828-254-6345 x4049
Office of the Registrar 828-254-6345 x4016
Academic Affairs 828-254-6345 x4021
Academic Dean 828-254-6345 x4054
College Counseling 828-254-6345 x4202
Library Services 828-254-6345 x4033
Archives 828-254-6345 x4091
Athletics & Activities
Athletic Department 828-254-6345 x4044
Student Activities 828-254-6345 x4018
Mountaineering 828-254-6345 x4301
Equestrian Program 828-712-1306
Walker Arts Center 828-254-6345 x4043
External Affairs
Development Office 828-254-6345 x4028
Cody Fund & Alumni Relations 828-254-6345 x4081
Communications & Advertising 828-254-6345 x4042
Public Relations 828-254-6345 x4093
Business Office 828-254-6345 x4014
Buildings and Grounds 828-254-6345 x4034


Asheville School
360 Asheville School Road
Asheville, NC 28806
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Emergency Numbers

Evenings & Weekends: 828-712-5536
Infirmary: 828-254-6345 x4058

Fax Numbers

School Fax 828-252-8666
Advancement Fax 828-253-2118