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The Director of Athletics at Asheville School reports to both the Assistant Head of School for Student Life and the Head of School. The Director is part of the Administrative Committee which meets once a week, and is a member of the faculty which also convenes once a week.

The Director of Athletics is responsible for every aspect of the Athletic Program at Asheville School and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. Identifying, recruiting, hiring, and supervision of all athletic coaches. This is done in close coordination with a variety of other administrators. Our coaches are expected to adhere to the highest possible professional standards, and the Athletic Director is responsible for setting those standards and expectations.

2. Managing the Athletic Department Budget with detailed and timely recordkeeping of all expenditures for each athletic team. This includes, but is not limited to, uniforms, equipment, meals, officials, hotel accommodations, special events, senior recognition and expenses related to attending championships for each team.

3. Administering, scheduling, maintaining, and improving all athletic facilities to include fields, tennis courts, indoor courts, the pool, and the entire Rodgers Memorial Athletic Center. This must happen in close coordination with both the housekeeping Staff and with the Director of Buildings and Grounds. All rental of space, use of space by outside groups, summer camps, or any use of any kind of athletic facilities is the responsibility of the Director of Athletics.

4. Administering all interscholastic competition by participating in the NCISAA actively, by participating in our conference Meetings (CAA), by working closely with and scheduling officials, by arranging appropriate athletic schedules for each of our teams, by making sure that visiting teams are welcomed and that facilities are ready for them, by assuring that our facilities and fields are ready for competition.

5. Representing oneself and then insisting upon in others the highest levels of sportsmanship and competitive integrity. Setting the tone for the athletic program. Being the face of Asheville School Athletics.

6. Administering all athletic recognition to include Athletic convocations and banquets. Chairing, convening, and setting the agenda for the Athletic Council.

7. Hiring, supervising, and evaluating the Athletic Trainer, The Assistant Director of Athletics, and the Director of Athletic Facilities.

8. Communicating all athletic news promptly and consistently with the sports media and with Asheville School's Director of Communications. Maintaining the Athletic part of the Asheville School Website, being sure that important information such as competition results, scheduled competition, directions to competition sites, and any and all information that would be helpful to any or all of our constituents.

9. Thinking strategically and engaging in a process for developing the strongest possible athletic program in the context of our school mission. Proactively considering innovations and possibilities for Asheville School student athletes.

10. Working closely with the Director of Admission to identify applicants who could help our athletic program.

11. Working closely with our Assistant Head of School for Advancement to ensure that the Athletic Department complements the efforts in the Alumni and Development office.

12. Acting as a participant in the boarding school community by supporting colleagues and students in the pursuit of the school mission. Assuming all those duties which are part of life in a residential community.

Applicants should send a cover letter and resumé to Jay Bonner, Associate Head of School, at bonnerj@ashevilleschool.org.

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