Endowment Support

A gift to our endowment is an investment in the people of Asheville School. A healthy endowment provides the means to recruit the most qualified teachers and students.

Teaching at a boarding school requires around-the-clock commitment. It is a calling. In return for this extraordinary commitment, it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for faculty development, faculty housing, and a productive teaching environment. These opportunities are all made possible through our endowment.

Financial aid is the single most important key to providing an atmosphere in which all members of a diverse, cohesive, intimate and purposefully small school community appreciate and strive for excellence and our endowment also helps to makes this vision a reality. The return on this investment is like no other - it is immeasurable. Admission to a college that is the best fit for a student is only one marker of that success.

To provide an Asheville School education for a student who would otherwise be unable to afford one, is to give a gift that keeps on giving - a solid foundation upon which to build future success. For more information, please contact Director of Development.

Capital Support

Asheville School is very lean in terms of its facilities. We believe the teacher is the most important compoment in the learning equation. Therefore, Asheville School is committed to preserving its historic buildings while continually upgrading them to meet the demands of today’s teachers and students, particularly in the areas of art and science. It is for this reason that we seek investments to help maintain our physical surroundings.

Our purposefully small student body provides us the unique opportunity to continue to use our historic buildings without having to worry about outgrowing our current facilities.

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