Hollandsworth-Maggart Preservation Society

Preserving Asheville School’s Campus for a Lifetime

Alumni, faculty and friends of Asheville School are embracing the idea of preserving the School’s 205 acres of undeveloped woodland. The school hopes to grow its endowment by $10.25 million as it preserves undeveloped acres of Asheville School’s land. Alumni and friends may preserve an acre with a gift of $50,000 to the school. All committed acres will be placed in a trust, and will remain in their natural state for students and alumni to enjoy for centuries to come.

Through our mountaineering program, students develop an appreciation for nature. We have the luxury of working, learning, and living in a stunning natural classroom. We're constantly reminded of nature's gifts. Our mountaineering program has recently achieved AEE Accreditation. This accreditation was attained, in part through the program's focus on respect, preservation, and conservation of our environment. We now have this land trust to ensure that our students can continue to learn and grow amid rugged mountains.


We have preserved nearly 100 acres of our pristine campus thanks to the investment of the following individuals. If you are interested in preserving an acre and establishing your Asheville School legacy, please contact , Assistant Head of School for Advancement.



Mr. Jeffrey P. Aldridge 1960
Mr. William Allison and Mrs. Bente Osteraas
Mr. Thomas W. Alvey, Jr. 1957
Ms. Debbie K. Aly
Mr. Robert D.H. Anning 1959
Mr. Michael J. Arakas 1980
Dr. Mett B. Ausley Jr. 1975
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Banta
Mr. Marshall T. Bassett 1972
Mr. Norman Beecher 1940
Mr. S. Bryan Benedict 1963
Mr. John T. Berteau 1960
Mr. Cecil Beumer
Dr. Stanley W. Black III 1957
Mr. Jack W. Bonner IV, Ms. Jessica Bayer
Mr. Robert Boshara 1959
Mr. J. Quentin Brasted 1960
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bumgardner
Mrs. Carrie Francis Cabot 1996
Mr. Eugene A. Bush, Jr. 1963
The Hon. Levin H. Campbell 1944
Mr. Eugene M. Carr 1943
Mr. John W. Carr 1960
Mr. Thomas H. Carruthers IV 1946
Ms. Wandra Chenault, M.S.
Ms. Karen Cianciulli
Mr. Philip R. Clarke III 1966
Mr. Herman Cone III 1968
Mr. James R. Cowan 1963
Mr. Alpo F. Crane 1960
Mr. James B. Craven III 1960
Mrs. Overton Currie
Mr. James S. Dean Jr. 1947
Dr. Kent H. Dixon 1960
Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy R. Eckerd
Mr. Douglas Embler
Mr. Frank W. Estes 1959
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Evans
Mr. James H. Everest 1967

Mr. C. Whittemore Farnum 2000
Dr. James G. Ferguson 1959
Mr. and Mrs. Rolin E. Fernand
Mr. James A. Fisher 1964
Mr. John W. Fisher III 1971
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Fisk
Dr. Peter Fortune 1962
Mr. James M. Fowler 1957
Mr. William G. Francis 1964
Mr. Benjamin Gale 1957
Mr. James T. Gardner, Jr.
Mr. Richard L. Garner 1959
E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation
Ms. Mary Lou Gillum
Mr. R. Burton Gordon, Jr. 1986
Mr. Everett E. Gourley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Greene
Mr. John Gregory and Dr. Kate Gregory
Mr. Jonathan Guest and Mrs. Janet Lawson
Mr. Harald R. Hansen 1951
Mr. Robert B. Haserot 1960
Mr. John A. Heppenstall 1957
Mr. and Mrs. L. Edward Herron
Dr. Michael Hill
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Hollandsworth
Dr. James G. Hollandsworth Jr. 1962
Mr. Penn H. Holsapple 1959
Mr. Michael Hunter
Johnson Family Foundation
Capt. Amos N. Johnson 1959
Mr. Harry Johnson
Mr. H. Thomas Jordan 1957
Mr. Nicholas P. Jordan 1959
Mr. and Mrs. E. Whitaker Kehaya II 1971
Mr. Richard J. Kelly 1968
Dr. Soonha Kwon, Mrs. Hong Kyung Kim
Mr. Lawrence R. Kollath
Dr. Benet S. Kolman 1959
Mr. Karl N. Koon 1974
Mr. Van C. Kussrow III 1982

Mr. John L. Lantzius 1949
Mr. Frank B. Lee 1968
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent R. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Legg
Mr. and Mrs. V. William Lenoci
Ms. Michelle Lewis
Mr. John Lloyd & Mrs. Darcel Grimes Lloyd
Mr. G. Marston Luce 1968
Mr. E. B. Lunken 1960
Ms. Frances G. MacIlwinen
Ms. Janet J. Marshall
Mr. Sanford R. Martin 1955
Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Martinez
Mr. Stewart D. Maurice 1964
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McClain
Mr. Samuel A. McConkey Jr. 1957
Dr. and Mrs. Ben M. McKibbens
Ms. Jane G. McNeary
Mr. E. Gregory McPherson III 1971
Ms. Lucia L. McWilliams
Mr. and Mrs. Martin McWilliams
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald R. Montgomery IV
Mr. and Mrs. John Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Parker Moore III
Mr. Charles T. Morse 1956
The Rev. H. Gudger Nichols 1960
Mr. Samuel T. Nicholson 1962
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. O'Connor
Mr. Leif H. Olson 2007
Mr. Tai W. Olson 2005
Mr. Greg Olson and Ms. Rosalind Willis
Mr. Alan L. Oppenheimer 1971
Mr. Preston T. Ormsby 1962

Mr. Sandy Paderewski 1968
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan C. Parrish
Mr. William F. Paulsen 1965
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Peebles IV
Mr. and Mrs. Raul Peimbert
Mr. Philippe Perebinossoff
Mr. Hector Perez
Mr. Henry N. Pharr II 1957
Mr. James W. Pharr 1997
Ms. Lindsay M. Pharr
Mr. Laurance D. Pless 1971
Mr. Travis G. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Prichard
Rev. and Mrs. Gerald S. Prickett
Mrs. Herbert T. Randall
Mr. Sheffield C. Richey Jr. 1968
The Honorable Charles P. Ries 1968
Ms. Missy Roper
Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Ruch III
Mr. Roderick D. Sanders 1968
The Rev. Michael G. Shafer 1959
Dr. Thomas J. Shaffner 1960
Mr. and Mrs. William M. W. Sharp
The Sharp Foundation
Mr. Palmer L. Skoglund 1959
Mr. Paul G. Sloan 1957
Mr. Frank S. Smith III 1959
Mr. Robert H. Stern 1960
Mr. Michael H. Stoll 1968
Mr. William H. Strietmann 1973
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Szurek
Mr. Michael S. Tanner 1954
Dr. & Mrs. G. Porter Taylor
The Edmund F. & Virginia B. Ball Foundation
Mr. Van C. Thompson 1973
Mr. Barrett A. Toan
Mr. Alan Truluck 1964
Mr. Biron F. Valier 1962
Mr. W. Kent Van Allen Jr. 1964
Mr. James B. Vandergrift 1960
Mr. and Mrs. Allen VanNoppen
Ms. Mary B. Wall
Mr. Robert A. Walter 1966
Mr. Thomas C. Watson Jr. 1959
Mr. C. Gregory Williamson 1968
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Willis
Mr. Lawrence B. Willson 1968
Mr. and Mrs. Z. Vance Wilson
Dr. Chesley W. Yellott 1968