Asheville School Receives Praise for Innovation in Education


A recent visitor to our campus, Grant Lichtman, author of The Falconer: What We Wish We Had Learned in School, wrote a wonderful Blog entry titled "Interdisciplinary Programs Promote Truly Deep Learning at Asheville School." Lichtman is on a journey to discover how leading educators at over 60 schools across the nation are implementing change to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

In his blog, Lichtman observed how students at Asheville School have the time to dive deeply into what they are studying and understand the value of their education.

Here are some quotes from the article:
Asheville School Student: "Re-introducing yourself to something helps get it right in your mind and you won't make that same mistake again. Teachers here are really good about letting us go through trial and error."

Asheville School Teacher: "When we are forced to collaborate we have to think about why we are doing this, what is our purpose. It has made me a much better teacher. Every year I am surrendering a little more control. It is hard. I need to think. It makes me grow as a professional."

Asheville School Parent: "Here is what is exportable: creating a caring community of faculty who are willing to invest themselves in that sense of community, in creating that same sense of responsibility amongst the students."

These powerful statements confirm Asheville School's impact on our students' education. It's even more rewarding when someone from the outside looking in has this impression about our strong community and talented teachers.

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