Frequently Asked Questions

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How will I get my books? Hide

Once you receive your course list in the mail, you can follow the instructions to our book distribution website: MBS Direct (http://www.mbsdirect.net/asheville)

Please note that the calculator you'll need for your math class is also available at MBS Direct. In conjunction with that, please note our Mathematics Department Calculator Policy.

Calculators are used extensively in all math courses beyond Algebra I and Geometry. It is imperative for teachers and all students to use the same technology to facilitate learning. Therefore, the mathematics department has developed the following calculator policy: All students taking a math course beyond Algebra I or Geometry (beginning with Algebra II) are required to have a Texas Instruments calculator of model 83+, 83+ Silver Edition, 84+ or 84+ Silver Edition. Students are required to have the calculators in class with them each day unless otherwise noted by the teacher.

When will I get my schedule? Hide

Over the summer you will receive your projected course list. You will not receive your actual academic schedule (with course times and teacher names) until Opening Day.

May we begin to move in our belongings the day before opening day? Hide

We plan our opening of school very carefully and we simply aren't able to accommodate special requests. Please plan to move in on the day and time indicated.

As a day student family, in what activities will my student participate? Hide

During the Opening Week activities, your student will have a detailed schedule listing his or her required activities. After the opening week, all student activities are open to day students as well as boarders. We encourage day students to participate fully in our programs. Our Student Activity opportunities are listed on our school website.

Can day students stay for dinner in the dining hall? Hide

Yes. Most do, in fact.

How often may I see my child the first few weeks of school? Hide

Saying goodbye can be harder on the parent than on the child. We are sensitive to this fact. In order to enable your child to integrate fully into our community, we ask that you depart Asheville School at the end of the Opening Day festivities, and not visit for at least two weeks. The first two weekends are "closed" weekends to enable us to truly start the year as a community within itself.

How will I choose my courses? Hide

There are actually very few “choices” for an incoming student to make. All students follow a set Humanities progression starting with Foundations I (Ancient Studies) in the Third Form, followed by Foundations II (World Studies), European Studies and American Studies.

In the Fourth Form year, students will take a half credit of Introduction to Art.

Math courses also follow a progression – Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Pre-calculus. Students moving beyond Pre-calculus have the option of taking Calculus, Statistics, Finite, BC Calculus and Linear Algebra.

All Asheville School students will take a year of biology and a year of chemistry. They will then choose among several options for their third year of lab science.

All students for whom English is their native language will also take three years of a foreign language (Chinese, French or Spanish). The language selection will depend on student preference and course placement. Click Here to learn more about our language courses and to either indicate a first-year language choice or to take an online language placement test.

How do I know which level of a course to take? Hide

Incoming Third and Fourth Formers will take a math skills test prior to enrolling in the fall. This information will help us assess your Algebra skills and will help determine what course is most appropriate for you. All students with an eighth-grade credit in Algebra I will move on to Geometry. Should the skills test indicate that there are major skill deficits in Algebra, we will be in contact to discuss a plan for remediation.

All incoming students will visit our language website to either select a new language course or to take a skills test to determine the appropriate language placement in the Asheville School language program.

Can I change my courses? Hide

If, in the opening weeks of school, it becomes apparent that a student has been incorrectly placed in a course, we will move the student to a more appropriate level of the course – be it regular, honors or AP.

Course changes can be made up until the first major grade report (mid-late October) with no penalty. Changes incurred after that date will be reflected on the transcript, and the grade will carry forward into the new course.

How do I let the school know if my child has a medical appointment? Hide

Our School Infirmary maintains a list of all appointments and produces daily an "excused" list. Please contact one of our nurses at Extension 4058.

Will I need to do anything over the summer to prepare for classes? Hide

Most AP classes have a summer work component. If you have been enrolled in an AP class, you will receive the summer work information from the department. Most summer work is due in the first week of school. If you have enrolled late in the summer and receive your packet shortly before coming to school, we will work with you on establishing a more appropriate deadline.

Additionally, most Humanities classes require specific summer reading.

Which of my credits will transfer? Hide

If you have taken an introductory studio art course in high school, that credit can transfer and replace the need to take Intro to Art in the Fourth Form.

Any music performance credit (chorus, orchestra, band) does not transfer to Asheville School.

In the sciences, Physical Science and Earth Science do not count toward our three lab science requirement.

Any math class taken in high school will transfer. An Algebra I credit from eighth-grade will also transfer. Any student with a Geometry or Algebra II credit from eighth-grade must take an Asheville School exam and demonstrate adequate mastery (above 85 percent) to move on to the next level.

We do not transfer elective credits such as Drama, Speech, Home Economics, etc. Your Asheville School transcript will reflect only courses you have taken at Asheville School. However, we will attach completed transcripts from all other high schools you have attended so that colleges can see all the courses you have taken during your high school career.

What honors or AP classes are available? Hide

Many courses have honors and AP sections available. Placement of new students in these courses is done at the discretion of the Director of Studies. Several factors are taken into account, but the primary focus is on SSAT (or SAT) scores in the specific subject area and previous academic history. Many students come to Asheville School having taken honors courses in other programs. Often the expectations of those courses more closely match the expectations of the standard Asheville School course.

There are few honors options for Third Formers. We do offer one honors section of Biology and one honors section of Geometry. These courses have limited enrollment, and placement is determined by the math skills test and by SSAT scores for the geometry course. For the biology course, SSAT reading scores and academic history have been the best predictors of success in the course and are used to determine placement.

Most AP courses are at the Fifth and Sixth Form level; however, on occasion, some Fourth Formers are able to take AP courses (usually in the math or science areas). During spring semester each year, teachers meet by department to make course recommendations (regular, honors, or AP) for all students for the following year.