Boarding Life

Residential life is a big part of the boarding experience for an Asheville School student.

It's a place where they can relax, study, sleep or just hang out. It's a social place, a place for building relationships.

Our three main residence halls are Anderson Hall, Lawrence Hall and Kehaya House.

Eighty percent of our students are boarders. Hall parents and other faculty who live on campus are almost always available to give advice and counsel students with any problems they may have.

The camaraderie here is real, and the friends made in the residence halls will be some of the best a student will ever have.

Our Honor Code

In our small community, one person's actions affect everyone.

We expect our students to live by high ethical standards. The foundation of ethical behavior is honesty. At Asheville, students agree to uphold an Honor Code. What are the visible signs of the Code in action? Bookbags are strewn about—because students know their belongings will be there when they return. Students "pledge" and sign all independent work. And students constitute the majority of the Honor Council, the educational and disciplinary body which hears all violations of the Code. As a result, our students live with a fair measure of freedom: trusted by the adults and trusting one another.

"Boarding is like a really weird social experiment gone amazingly right. You get to know people really well. You get to meet people you never would have met before."

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