Asheville School



Mission & Values

At Asheville School, our mission is: 

"To prepare students for college and for life and to provide an atmosphere in which all members of a diverse, engaged and purposefully small school community appreciate and strive for excellence - an atmosphere that nurtures character and fosters the development of mind, body and spirit" 

This mission drives every action and decision made by members of the faculty and staff at Asheville School.


Mitchell Hall in the spring

Students learn to embody Asheville School's Core Values: Perseverance, Integrity, Respect and Compassion.

Students abide by Asheville School's Honor Code:
"I will not lie, cheat or steal, and I will report any violation of the Honor Code."

In our small community, one person's actions affect everyone.

We expect our students to live by high ethical standards. The foundation of ethical behavior is honesty. Students "pledge" and sign all independent work. And students constitute the majority of the Honor Council, the educational and disciplinary body which hears all violations of the Code. As a result, our students live with a fair measure of freedom: they are trusted by adults and trust one another.