New Head of School Announcement

To Our Constituents:

I am delighted and honored to introduce Anthony H. Sgro, Ed. D., as the ninth Head of Asheville School.

Dr. Sgro is a 1984 graduate of Asheville School. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Public Administration from Virginia Tech, a Doctorate of Education from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Klingenstein Fellowship from Teachers College at Columbia University. Following five years of service in various roles in the General Assembly and the Office of the Governor in the state of Virginia, Dr. Sgro turned to his passion – education. After 12 years of outstanding service at Woodberry Forest School, Dr. Sgro was appointed Head of School in 2011 at Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School, the position he holds today.

Dr. Sgro is a nationally recognized leader in education and an expert on boarding schools. He has spoken extensively throughout the country on issues related to boarding education and, among his notable professional affiliations, he serves as a board member of The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS). He is the Chairperson for TABS’s North American Boarding Initiative. Dr. Sgro is also an ordained minister, and he and his wife, Faulkner, have been deeply involved in the betterment and well-being of others in all the communities in which they have served.

Dr. Sgro’s appointment comes as the culmination of an exhaustive 15-month search process. Once our committee was formed and our search partner Carney Sandoe and Associates was selected, the first phase of the search was to secure input from the board, faculty members, and all of you. We used that input to develop a comprehensive position description that identified desired competencies and behaviors for the new Head along with specific outcomes that Asheville School should realize under new leadership.

Phase Two of the search involved presentation of the role to the public and outreach to interested candidates. I am pleased to report that that we received tremendous interest from a deep and diverse international pool of well over 100 highly capable candidates.

In Phase Three, using an evaluation rubric that highlighted the competencies, behaviors, and outcomes in the position description, we narrowed the larger pool to a group of nine semi-finalists. Each semi-finalist participated in a face-to-face interview with the committee. Using a similar evaluation rubric, we narrowed this group to three finalists.

Each of the three finalists and their spouses participated in a second round of longer face-to-face interactions with the committee along with two senior administrators and two trustees who were not committee members. The second round involved social exchanges and a series of situational interviews that were designed to identify each candidate’s problem solving, critical thinking and emotional intelligence skills.

In the end, the Search Committee voted unanimously and enthusiastically to recommend Dr. Sgro’s appointment to the Board of Trustees. We are thrilled that, effective next summer on July 1, 2019, Dr. Sgro will become our next Head of School.

On behalf of the Search Committee, please join me in welcoming the Sgro family to Asheville School!

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Search Committee for their hard work and selfless devotion of time to the search process. I was humbled by their thoughtful, deliberate approach and the unfettered love of Asheville School that drove their work.

The committee thanks our partners at Carney Sandoe and Associates – Devereaux McClatchey, Marguerite Lloyd, and Jessica Wright. Their work was invaluable, and we could not have asked for better guidance and support.

Last, but certainly not least, we thank everyone in the Asheville School community for your participation, your input and your trust.

Go Blues!

Oliver G. Prince, Jr. 1971
Search Committee Chair

Meet Anthony Sgro 1984

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Walter G. Cox, Jr. 1972, Vice Chair
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