Our Head of School

Asheville School is unlike any school I have encountered. It is located in a vibrant, lively city full of art, music and eclectic food, set among breathtaking Southern mountains and trout-filled rivers. It encompasses 300 acres of hiking paths, horse trails, fields, woodlands and streams. It enjoys the advantage of elegant Tudor-style buildings registered as historic landmarks, along with state-of-the-art technology and athletic facilities.

It is not, however, Asheville School's significant physical advantages that make this place special. Asheville School is about people and relationships. We believe that a good school is one in which every student is known and loved, and we can do that at Asheville School because we are purposefully small, and we are predominantly boarding. In our intimate residential community, we eat meals family style, we come together daily as a full school in either chapel or convocation, and we rub elbows in dormitories and around campus.

We show our care for one another by maintaining high standards for academic achievement and for personal conduct. Kindness, consideration and civility are hallmarks of an Asheville School student. We want to cultivate in our students not only important tools like problem solving, analysis, creative thinking and clear communications, but we also want our students to live lives of honor, duty, courage and kindness. We want them to become leaders.

Students who know they are cared for will take intellectual risks and stretch themselves personally because they are secure and safe in a place that will support them. To grow into the independent adults we want them to become, they must spread their wings and take flight. Our students do that in this beautiful place under the watchful eye of accomplished adults who are their mentors, guides and role models.

Asheville School – there is simply no other place quite like it.


Archibald R. Montgomery IV
Head of School