Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

The College Office seeks to provide an informative, organized program that educates and guides both students and their families. The college process is most effective and least stressful when school, parent, and student work together toward a common objective: the right match.

Summary of Programs and Services

During the fall semester, we work primarily with seniors as they complete applications; however, our work begins much sooner in a student's high school career. The College Office offers comprehensive programs and services. Specifically, we:

  • Provide individual counseling throughout all phases of the college admission process.
  • Sponsor college tours in the fall (Fourth and Fifth Form students).
  • Host representatives from more than 50 colleges and universities each year.
  • Schedule and conduct standardized testing -- SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Tests, the ACT, and Advanced Placement (AP) examinations.
  • Assist with on-campus SAT prep classes.
  • Review, package, and submit all school materials (transcript, school profile, recommendations, etc.) in support of students' college admission and scholarship applications.
  • Write personal recommendations on behalf of every graduating senior.
  • Read and offer feedback on college essays at the request of the student.
  • Maintain a calendar of relevant events and deadlines on the school's website.
  • Teach College Preview Project seminars for the Fifth form, introducing students to college search, application and selection.
  • Publish newsletters updating parents of upper form students on key trends and dates.
  • Sponsor parent information sessions.
  • Nominate students for Governors' School and key merit scholarships.
  • Assist with applications for summer programs.