Asheville School



World Languages

A study of language and culture leads to the ability to communicate authentically in a global environment. 

Asheville School offers French, Spanish and Chinese. Classes focus on communication skills while also providing students with the formal grammatical underpinnings that lead to effective expression.

We provide opportunities for cultural literacy in the hope of creating lifelong linguists who are conversant, compassionate, and empathetic citizens of the world. We recognize that multilingualism is a global standard, and we strive to instill that skill in our students. Graduates of Asheville School feel empowered and prepared to pursue further life experiences in domestic or international settings.

A teacher engages with students in French class

French I-V (Honors and AP courses offered)

The French program is textbook-free; the curriculum is based on dynamic teacher-generated lessons that give students a firm basis in grammar, vocabulary, culture and communication. At all levels, students are constantly exposed to authentic French in a fun and interactive setting. In upper level courses, the primary focus becomes refining formal written and spoken communication via the study of modern life, culture, history, art and literature in the francophone world.

Spanish I-VI (Honors and AP courses offered)

The listening-speaking progression in Spanish is established through classroom conversation and the use of a variety of audio and visual materials. Emphasis is placed on recognizing and learning recurring patterns within the language. Students in all levels use a variety of resources that provide a solid foundation in the language and introduce varied cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. In upper level courses, students work on developing the fluency in Spanish that enables them to communicate effectively with native speakers. In AP courses, students engage in an exploration of culture and literature in contemporary and historical contexts.

Chinese I-IV (Honors courses offered)

Classes in Chinese introduce students to the skills necessary to speak and write Mandarin Chinese while emphasizing sentence building exercises and the reading and writing of Chinese characters. Students develop basic language skills through classroom conversation and audio programs. Classes incorporate Pinyin romanization and Chinese characters in teaching students to listen, speak, read and write the language. Proper pronunciation and accurate tones when speaking the language is emphasized. The grammar component of the course focuses on sentence patterns and word order. Culture is presented through readings in English and through hands-on experiences.