International FAQ

Asheville School has long attracted students from all over the globe. As Asheville School continues to break application and enrollment records each year, admission has become increasingly competitive, both for domestic and international applicants. We seek to enroll international students who prove themselves a perfect fit for, and a vital part of, the Asheville School mission: to prepare our students for college and for life and to provide an atmosphere in which all members of a diverse, engaged, and purposefully small school community appreciate and strive for excellence - an atmosphere that nurtures character and fosters the development of the mind, body, and spirit.

Asheville School welcomes students from all international countries to apply. We are thrilled about the opportunity to meet you and further introduce you to our campus, the academic and extracurricular opportunities, and most importantly, the community of Asheville School. Welcome!

International students should inquire with Asheville School via the website. All questions pertaining to international admission should be directed to Assistant Director of Admission Matthew Gilliland at or 828-254-6345 ext. 4026.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Applicants may submit the TABS or SSAT common applications, but Asheville School has a slight preference for the online application located on our website. The checklist for a completed application is available here.

International students are highly encouraged to apply through the Early Decision round. See additional information about Early Decision below.

Students applying from China will be considered for additional interviews only after submission of both the written application and a Vericant interview.

How do I arrange an interview to complete my application?

International students must schedule their interview to be conducted either on campus or via Skype.

Candidates from China are required to first contact Vericant, our affiliate in China. Vericant will conduct preliminary interviews, and candidates will be asked to complete a writing sample during their interview. Vericant does not evaluate candidates, but instead posts the interview online for Asheville School’s Admission Office to review.

Students applying from China will be considered for additional interviews only after submission of both the written application and a Vericant interview. After completed applications are considered, invitations may be extended for strong applicants to interview on campus or via Skype.

What is Early Decision?

Asheville School tends to fill the majority of its spaces for international students during the Early Decision round. The Early Decision deadline is December 10th. This is a good option for students who have already decided that Asheville School is their first choice and want to ensure their enrollment at any earlier date. Acceptance is binding - accepted applicants are contracted to enroll at Asheville School and required to withdraw all applications to other schools. Applicants requesting financial aid may not apply in the Early Decision round and need to submit their application for admission and financial aid by the February 1st Regular Decision deadline.

What are the testing requirements?

International students from non-English speaking countries must submit results from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Since we do not teach English as a Second Language, international students must demonstrate strong writing, reading, and speaking skills in English in order to receive admission consideration. The minimum score to receive consideration is an 80 on the internet- based test (iBT).

Accepted students typically score between 90 and 110 on the TOEFL iBT. We do not accept results from the SLEP as a replacement for TOEFL scores.

International students must also submit their results from either the SSAT, SAT or PSAT tests. There is no minimum score requirement for these tests.

What is Asheville School's SSAT and TOEFL test code?

Asheville School's SSAT code is 1396.

Asheville School does not have a TOEFL code. Rather, applicants who want to submit their results from the TOEFL can elect to have their scores sent directly from ETS using the Asheville School mailing address or applicants can send a copy of their scores via email, mail or fax as they become available.

Do you offer ESL courses?

Asheville School does not offer any ESL courses; therefore, students must score very well on the TOEFL and demonstrate strong communication skills during the interview to receive consideration for admission.

What if I miss the Early Decision and Regular Decision application deadlines?

Any application received after the deadlines will be reviewed upon completion on a rolling admission basis and as space allows. Once all available positions in a Form are filled, applications for that Form will no longer be considered.

Because our Early Decision and Regular Decision candidates virtually complete our enrollment process, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply by the stated deadlines.

When are admission decisions released?

Early Decision applicants are notified of their admission decision by January 10th. Regular Decision applicants are notified of their admission decision by March 10th.

How many international students are enrolled at Asheville School?

Asheville School has 48 international students, representing 16 countries enrolled for the 2018-2019 school year. These students make up 16% of the total student body. Over the past five years, roughly 8% of the student body has come from either South Korea or China.

Which countries are represented at Asheville School?

Over the past four years, Asheville School students have come from the Bahamas, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

Are international students subject to additional fees?

The international student application fee is $110. International students pay an additional $630 in tuition.

May international students apply for financial aid?

International students may apply for financial aid; however, the majority of financial aid is allocated to domestic students. Due to different tax structures and an ever-changing exchange rate, it is very difficult to award financial aid to international students.

Does Asheville School issue I-20 visas?

Once an international student has been accepted and formally enrolled through the receipt of contract and deposit, Asheville School will release the I-20 visa.

May international students apply for mid-year/spring term entry?

International students may submit applications for mid-year entry. However, it is rare that space will become available at mid-year. Therefore, mid-year applicants should notify the admission office of their preference to have their application moved to either the Early Decision or Regular Decision round if no space opens up.

Can an international student apply as a day student?

International students are only eligible to apply as boarding students. Asheville School does not offer any homestay or exchange programs.

Does Asheville School have age limits for each particular grade?

Applicants for 9th grade may not turn 16 prior to August 1st of the year they intend to enroll. Applicants for 10th grade may not turn 17 prior to August 1st of the year they intend to enroll. Applicants for 11th grade may not turn 18 prior to August 1st of the year they intend to enroll. Applicants for 12th grade may not turn 19 prior to August 1st of the year they intend to enroll.