Applying for Financial Aid: Instructions

  1. Complete and submit the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) by February 1.
  2. Upload copies of your 2018 W-2(s) and 2018 federal tax returns (1040s) by February 15 to School & Student Services (SSS). SSS will process W-2s and 1040s as well as your PFS forms. The goal is to make it easier for you to send all the required documents to SSS instead of to multiple places. SSS will then distribute tax forms to all schools to which you have applied.
    • NOTE: You must submit all pages of your 2018 tax return. If you submit only the first two pages, your financial aid application will NOT be complete. If your 2018 return isn’t completed by February 1, please submit your entire 2017 return as a place-holder.

  3. Provide additional information, if applicable.
    • If you feel that any other information, quantitative or qualitative, will help us gain a more thorough, balanced, and accurate insight into your economic condition and lifestyle, please include the details in a separate statement.
    • NOTE: Even if your tax return cannot be completed by February 1, the PFS must be received by that date to ensure full consideration. Awards will not be finalized, however, until all documentation, including tax returns, has been received. All items must be received at the appropriate destinations on time for the aid application to be considered complete and ready for evaluation.

  4. You can find more detailed instructions here.