Asheville School has long been transforming the lives of both the bright, motivated students who attend and the lives of the teachers, coaches, advisors, and faculty members who guide, instruct and mentor them. Because of its intentionally small student body, Asheville School boasts a magnetic, purpose-driven school community, where every student is known, loved, challenged, nurtured and celebrated. In fact, Asheville School operates on the premise that a profound academic endeavor must begin with peer and adult relationships that inspire, stimulate, and endure. Asheville School is truly unique.

Founded in 1900, Asheville School has a rich history of creating an experience where capable and compassionate young men and women thrive. Our students readily gain admission to the nation's leading colleges and universities. But more importantly, they graduate from Asheville School with the ability to excel at a higher level in college and in life.

While we challenge our students academically, we also encourage them to develop into mature, independent thinkers within this safe and enriching environment. At Asheville School, we are small enough to know our students by name, while supporting them on their path to learning excellent study habits, writing skills, and developing meaningful friendships with their teachers and peers.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule an individualized visit. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our one-of-a-kind school community, and hope that you will pursue admission to Asheville School -- An Education for an Inspired Life.

All the best,

John Smith

Director of Admission

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"Asheville School is unique. No other small co-ed boarding school offers such a commitment to excellence in the context of both unsurpassed physical mountain beauty and a vibrant, safe city. The intimate community feel of this school is central to our mission."

Archibald R. Montgomery IV
8th Head of School