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Anyone who went to Asheville School for one year or more - is a member of the Asheville School Alumni Association (ASAA). The ASAA works to foster connection between alumni and Asheville School and alumni across generations.  Members of the ASAA make up a global network of "friends, bound together by white and blue." 

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Burt Gordon

Burt Gordon

Class of 1986
Director of Alumni Relations

ASAA President
Austin Bell ‘06

Posted 1.8.21

The Asheville School Alumni Association (ASAA), representing the alumni of the school, has formed a committee with a mission to work with Asheville School as it endeavors to reshape its educational model to include increased prevention and response to sexual violence and harassment and to promote a safe culture and environment for learning.  In response to this action, Austin Bell ‘06, the ASAA President, released the following statement:

On December 9, the Asheville School Alumni Association (ASAA) formed the Committee on Addressing Sexual Violence and Advancing a Culture of Safety. It is comprised of alumni with a range of age, race and sexual orientation, as well as survivors of sexual violence. 

The Committee’s formation is rooted in Asheville School alumni’s categorical condemnation of all instances of sexual violence and the urgent need for neutral fact-finding processes to vindicate the rights and privacy of all students. To that end, alumni are committed to ensuring Asheville School is a safe and inclusive place for all.

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