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Ivana Xu (2019) and Frits Prakke (1964) at Van Gogh museum in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

Ivana Xu '19, a current student at the University of Amsterdam, met Asheville School alumnus Frits Prakke '64 at the Van Gogh museum in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Ivana and Frits both studied at the University of Amsterdam, but 50 years apart.

Erik Davies

Erik Davies ’08 says his Asheville School experience was outstanding preparation for college, medical school, and beyond. Erik will graduate from UNC School of Medicine in 2021 with a specialization in radiation oncology. He and other Asheville School alumni pursuing advanced studies or working in the field of medicine gathered recently in Chapel Hill with Director of Alumni Relations Burt Gordon ’86.

“The process of getting into medical school is kind of opaque, and there’s a lot of fiction circulating online about how to do it,” Erik said. “I love sharing my path to medical school with younger alumni. . .My own process was pretty nontraditional—I was not pre-med in college and became a high school teacher—so my message to young alums is to indulge their interests even if there’s no clear relationship to medicine. Unusual experiences will only be an asset to you.”

In teaching physics to high school students, Erik says he relied on the knowledge he took from Ms. Cianciulli more than his college coursework. “I use the statistics I learned from Dr. Hill daily, and I will use it daily during residency and as an attending physician,” he said. “Asheville School’s preparation for written and verbal communication is unparalleled, though. We live in a time when it’s easier than ever to substitute screen time for human interaction. The importance of great communication has not been diluted, though. My ability to communicate well has only magnified my success. Learning to write concise and complete ideas in Asheville School humanities classes has translated to meaningful documentation of clinical encounters. Learning to speak compassionately but straightforwardly has made coaching patients and breaking hard news easier. I don't think I appreciated as a student that our seated meals were in part an exercise in emotional intelligence.”

The community of Asheville School extends beyond campus through the alumni network. We are grateful for alumni, like Erik, who stay connected and mentor younger Blues as they begin their career paths or navigate changes along the way. Go BLUES!

Johnny Lloyd

Johnny Lloyd's play OR, AN ASTRONAUT PLAY premiere's at The Tank in New York City (312 West 36th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues) in January. The world premiere of Lloyd's play will run from January 4 - 26.

Jake Drum '19

Jake is a freshman at UNC-G, and he is busy with classes, life on a bigger campus, and as a new freshman senator in the UNC-G student government association. He has jumped right in to life at UNC-G! After class one Thursday in November, Jake met up with Burt Gordon '86 for a late lunch at Pedro's Taco Shop in Greensboro. Greensboro was Burt's stomping grounds when he was a student at Guilford College (1986-90), and it was great to be back in town! Jake says hello to his fellow 2019 Blues!

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