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Toby Lomax 1999

Toby Lomax recently visited Asheville School friends in Asheville, NC and in Los Angeles, CA. He met up with with Mussie Haile 2001, Richard Katzberg 2001, and Gary Shields 2002 in L.A, and he met Jay Bonner and Jessica Bayer for dinner in Asheville.

Jay writes: "We had dinner with Toby at Plant last Friday. Toby is working with Deloitte, a UK based consulting company, and is currently involved with a company and project in Nashville, TN. Toby spoke with great fondness of Willie Schmidt, Toby's US History teacher, and he has great memories of his time at Asheville School. In fact, he feels much of his success in business is attributable to his year at AS!"

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Jim O'Sullivan 1987

Jim '87 met with Director of Communications Bob Williams and Director of Technology Charles Long while they were attending a conference in San Jose, CA. Jim was pleased to hear that we now offer a technology based afternoon activity during the academic year as well as two one-week app development summer camps in July. We have come a long way since the Computer Club of the 80s!

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Brooker Battle 1998, Elisa Mayes 2002, Regina Sinsky 2000

This picture is the result of a perfect storm of events. Brooker Battle '98 won a vacation to anywhere in the US for "employee of the year" at his workplace. He realized that he had to take advantage quickly before it expired, but he did not know who to take. He was talking about it with his good friend, Elisa Mayes '02. Brooker and Elisa have been dear friends since they worked together at an Asheville School summer session. Elisa said "let's go," and they were off to travel down the coast of California to end in San Diego. Brooker writes, "Elisa mentioned that Regina Sinsky '00 lived there, and we called her. Regina invited us to her home to meet her husband, adorable kids and even parents-in-law. They were warm and welcoming. We got AS nostalgic for a bit!"

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