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Michael Holowesko 2014 Captains Washington College Soccer Team
Michael Holowesko 2014 Captains Washington College Soccer Team

During his time at Asheville School, Michael Holowesko '14 was a standout athlete. Earning 12 varsity letters over four years, he excelled in soccer, lacrosse and swimming. Holowesko was awarded Outstanding in Lacrosse (2012, 2013, 2014), the Valier Award in Boys Soccer (2013, 2014), and the David Millard Jr. Award for Best Male Athlete (2013, 2014).

After graduating from Asheville School, Holowesko returned to his Nassau, Bahamas home to play for the Bahamian National Soccer Team in a game against the United States Under-23 National Team.

This fall, Holowesko enters his senior year at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, where he has played for their soccer team for the past three years. In his final season, Holowesko will serve as the team captain.

Last year, Washington College Men's Soccer had their most successful season in 16 years, making it to the semifinal round of the Centennial Conference championships.

Holowesko says he hopes to pick up where the team left off last year. "We had a group of seniors who graduated who were very influential to the program," he said. "I'm very grateful for everything they've done to help get the program to what it is today...Our goal this year is to win the Centennial Conference. We know what it takes to get to the playoffs now."

He says that his team is determined to put in the hard work it will take to have another great season.

Holowesko is also focused on academics. He studies political science and environmental studies and is on the Centennial Conference Academic Honor Roll. He says that Washington College has been a perfect fit for him. "I was looking for a college similar to Asheville School," he said. "The professors here are amazing; I am lucky to study under them."

It takes a lot of hard work to maintain a high GPA while playing a collegiate sport. "You have to be on top of everything and manage your time really well," he said. "I played three sports at Asheville School. Senior year was definitely my final test of learning time management because I was a prefect, on the honor council and playing sports. It prepared me for playing a sport in college."

For current Asheville School students who want to play a sport in college, Holowesko suggests taking high school as a time to prepare both physically and academically. "It is different than playing high school sports," he said. "Prepare yourself and make sure you're ready. Start the process early. Talk with your coaches and the athletic director; tell them what you hope to do so they can help you get there."

Holowesko said his grandmother, Lynn Pyfrom Holowesko, sparked his interest in political science. "My grandmother has been really influential," he said. "My end goal is to, sometime in the future, move back home to the Bahamas and get into the political world."

With a degree in law, his grandmother has served as President of the Bahamian Senate and was the longest serving President of the Bahamas National Trust, an organization dedicated to protecting Bahamian biodiversity.

Michael Holowekso is currently interning at Capital Union Bank in Nassau and looks forward to his final season with Washington College. "The guys on the team are focused on what we want to do, which is to win the conference," he said. "Once we step onto the field, we put aside academics or social life. Other issues are put aside so we can focus on working hard."

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