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Opening of School Information
Opening of School Information
Below you will find the information needed to prepare for start of school! Over the course of the summer, I will send all parents this information via email. I will post that information here as I send it out.

I have included future topics so you can see when we will be covering a question you might have! As always, if you have questions or comments, contact me at gillilandl@ashevilleschool.org.

Go Blues!

Lynn Gilliland
Director of Parent Engagement

Date letter sent Topics
Sent June 22, 2018
Sent July 5, 2018
Sent July 13, 2018

Sent July 19, 2018

Future topics

  • Dorm and Roommate Assignments;
  • Day Student Key Information;
  • Service Program
Future topics

  • Student and Parent Handbook;
  • Weekly Schedule - Blue Weeks and White Weeks
Future topics

  • Last Minute Checklist;
  • Schedules for Opening Days;
  • Are all of your SchoolDoc Forms Submitted?
Future topics

  • Confirmation of Arrival Days and Times