Coaches & Staff

Chapman Kern, Director of Athletics

Carl Boland
Director of Athletics
Work Phone:
ext. 4044
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Chapman Kern, Director of Athletics

Tyler Ortiz
Assistant Director of Athletics
Work Phone:
ext. 4029
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Lecky Haller
Director of Athletic Facilities
Work Phone:
ext. 4057
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Doug Harger
Director of Strength and Conditioning,
Head Athletic Trainer
Work Phone:
ext. 4105
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Geoffrey Strickland
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Work Phone:
ext. 8057
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Sarah Lundquist-Harger
Administrative Assistant to Athletics
Work Phone:
ext. 4063

The seasoned coaching staff at Asheville School is committed to the development of teaching sport fundamentals and skill mastery. The school provides an activity that suits the skill level and interest of every student.


Cross Country, John Smith, Hope Concannon, Anna Ranson, Steve Brookner
Varsity Field Hockey, Kelly Beam, Chapman Davis
JV Field Hockey, Chapman Davis, Christine Jones
Varsity Football, Gus Schill, Lecky Haller, Ben Williamson, Geoffrey Strickland, Christon Gill
Boys Varsity Soccer, Jeff Mettee, Brooks Kern
Boys JV Soccer, Rod Becker
Girls Varsity Tennis, Derry Roberson, James Pharr
Girls JV Tennis, James Pharr, Derry Roberson
Varsity Volleyball, Tim Plaehn, Cali Girard
JV Volleyball, Maggie Ruch


Boys Varsity Basketball, Carl Boland, Larry Kollath
Boys JV Basketball, Richard Jones, Christon Gill
Girls Varsity Basketball, Tyler Ortiz, Kelly Beam
Girls JV Basketball, Elli Del Castillio, Varghese Alexander
Varsity Swimming, Frank Kriegler, Laura Lawrence, Cali Girard
Varsity Wrestling, Lecky Haller


Boys Baseball, Gus Schill, Joe Lambert, Burke Rogers, Richard Jones
Boys Lacrosse, Lecky Haller
Girls Lacrosse, Heather Garson, Kelly Beam
Girls Soccer, Molly Arkon, Mary Crowers
Boys Tennis, James Pharr, Derry Roberson, Matthew Gilliland
Track and Field, Steve Brookner, Morgan Lyles, Katherine Jones, Christon Gill, Ben Williamson