2016-2017 End of Year Departure Form

Required for all Boarding Students

Please complete this form to let us know your plans for leaving campus...

  • Students may depart at the conclusion of the graduation ceremonies on Saturday, May 27th -- approximately 1:00pm
  • Seniors with no exam on Friday may elect to depart Thursday afternoon or on Friday. Those students MUST have their rooms completely empty and checked by a hall parent before departing. Also, those students MUST return to campus to attend the Athletic Banquet on Thursday evening and the Baccalaureate Service and dinner on Friday... and Graduation on Saturday!
  • All students should be off campus by 6:00pm on Saturday evening, unless they have permission to stay overnight.
  • Students whose travel plans require a later departure may leave school on Sunday, May 28th.
  • Dormitories will close by NOON on Sunday.
  • Before leaving, ALL students MUST sign-out with a Hall Parent who has inspected their room and signed a departure form.
  • Remind your parents that unless they are attending graduation, they should come to campus to collect you and your belongings between 1:00pm and 5:00pm on Saturday.
  • This form must be submitted before 10:00 pm on Monday, May 22nd.

Student Information

End of Year Departure Plans

Please verify that you will be leaving campus with your family.​​​​​​​
Please verify that you will leave campus with someone other than your family.​​​​
With whom will you be departing campus?​​​​
Please provide further information about your departure plans:​​

Departing Flight Information

From which airport will you be flying?​


If your flight is BEFORE 2:00pm on Saturday, you will NOT be able to ride a school sponsored shuttle. Please be sure that you have discussed your transportation plans with the Deans' Office and plan accordingly. Plan to ride a shuttle that leaves school AT LEAST ONE HOUR before your flight departs.

Shuttles will be running at the following times: *

  • 1:00pm on Saturday
  • 3:00pm on Saturday
  • 5:00pm on Saturday
  • 5:00am on Sunday
  • 7:00am on Sunday
  • 9:00am on Sunday

* (These times are subject to change based upon flight information.)

Flight Date
Include AM or PM​​
Please note that "Unaccompanied Minor" is a specific designation that is stipulated as part of the ticket purchase; if you have any questions, please check with the parent or guardian who purchased your ticket.​​​​​
Please be sure that you have confirmed this with the parent or guardian who purchased your ticket.​​​​​​