Asheville School's Washington DC Trip for American studies students

Parent /Guardian Agreement and Informed Consent

Student Information

Please carefully read the details below before submitting this form.

Terms of Agreement

Required Release Form for all American Studies Students...

We are delighted that your child will be a part of the 11th Annual American Studies trip to Washington, DC. We will depart campus at the beginning of Spring Break (early in the morning) on Saturday, March 2nd, from in front of Mitchell Hall. We’ll be back on campus on Wednesday, March 6th, by around 6pm. If there is any unforeseen delay in our return, parents will be notified by phone.

Boarding students unable to return directly home on Wednesday are urged to find an Asheville area family with whom to stay overnight on the 6th -- staying in a dormitory on Asheville School's campus that night will NOT be an option.

Students may choose to fly home directly from Washington, DC on Wednesday morning. However, please keep in mind that the school group will leave the city early that morning, and students who are flying will be responsible for finding their own transportation to the airport. We recommend that you plan to have your student fly out of Reagan International Airport because it is the closest airport to the 4-H Youth Conference Center where we will be staying.

The school (thanks to a generous grant by the John William Pope Foundation) will cover all travel, hotel, museum, and entertainment costs, and some of the food costs; however, we recommend that students each bring around $175 in cash to cover souvenirs, snacks, and several meals. For students with financial needs, we can help to cover that amount.


The guidelines that appear below have been established to ensure that this trip will be safe, productive, and enjoyable. All Asheville School rules will be in effect for the duration of the trip. Specifically, the following restrictions will apply:

  • No alcohol consumption under any circumstances
  • No use or possession of drugs
  • Students may not visit the hotel rooms of the opposite sex
  • Once the evening check has been made, students are not to leave their rooms
  • No student should travel/explore alone on any part of this trip
  • No unauthorized departure from the itinerary of the trip

Violation of these rules — or of any Asheville School Level I offenses — will almost assuredly result in the student’s immediate return to the individual's home at the expense of that individual’s family. In addition to being sent home, the student may face disciplinary action upon his or her return to school.

Waiver and Release

I understand that my son/ daughter is expected to follow the above guidelines while participating in the Washington, DC Trip, and, having approved the travel plans as set forth for my child by Asheville School, I give permission for my son or daughter to travel on the 2018-2019 Washington, DC Trip.

(please type full name)​

Release for Medical Treatment

I agree that if my son/daughter becomes ill or has an accident, Asheville School, its representatives, or accompanying chaperones, may take such action as they consider necessary to secure medical treatment, including administration of an anesthetic and surgery.

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Liability Release

I do hereby release the Asheville School, its officers, Board of Trustees, Faculty & Staff, from any and all claims, charges, costs and/or causes of action for loss of property, personal injury, illness, accident or death sustained by my child for the duration of the Asheville School Washington, D.C. Trip, whether covered by insurance or not.

Further, I understand future publicity materials may include photographs of participants or statements made by participants, and I consent to such use of my son’s or daughter’s comments or photographic likeness.

(please type full name)

My son/daughter will be flying from Washington DC at the conclusion of the trip.​​​

Permission to Fly out of DC

I give my son/daughter permission to ride the metro or a taxi to the airport and put himself/herself on a plane Wednesday morning at the conclusion of the trip. I understand that all Asheville School chaperones will be departing DC at 8am and will be unable to assist my son/daughter in getting to the airport or in boarding the plane.

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Thank you!

Please contact Tim Plaehn ( if you have any questions or concerns about this form or the upcoming trip to Washington, DC.