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Asheville School is dedicated to providing students with an education for an inspired life by developing the mind, body and spirit. Development of character is essential to this goal.

Asheville School’s core values are perseverance, integrity, respect and compassion. Our commitment to these values inspires students to practice empathy, honesty and respect for themselves and others.

Through our service program, students learn that volunteerism contributes to their becoming responsible and compassionate citizens.

Families consistently report that character development is one of the most important reasons why they choose Asheville School for their child.

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"I feel like I’ve grown as a person at Asheville School, through the opportunities I’ve gotten in terms of civic collaboration and social justice. Being in a community that is willing help students in their quest to make a difference in the world is a part of Asheville School that has been instrumental in launching me to where I am now." 

Grayson Sword 
Class of 2019
Morehead-Cain Scholar