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Carol Emmet 1972

Carol Emmet was Asheville School's first female graduate in 1972. She read the article in the 2018 Spring Achievement Magazine "Vive la Difference" by Tom Marberger 1969, and she sent him the following response:

"I remember going to interview with Jack Tyrer, with my parents (I even remember the dress I was wearing! I kid you not!), walking around campus a bit and being quite aware of boys practically hanging out the windows, sizing me up.

I think every one of us was suffering mightily from raging hormones, and the truth of the matter is that The People in Charge didn't quite know what to do with or about "the girls." They treated us with a combination of formality, sternness, courtesy, and sometimes bewilderment. (Once when I was heading to class, a teacher and I passed each other on the sidewalk, and he said, "Is that a dress or a shirt you're wearing?" This was in the early 70s, when micro-minis were de rigueur.) I remember getting into a bit of trouble for taking several of my friends for a ride into town (to a grocery store, or something equally innocuous and innocent). Our punishment involved one day where we had to sit in a classroom after classes were over for the day and copy pages out of a dictionary (I'm not making this up) and another day, a Saturday, where we had to rake leaves. This was in the fall. Is there anything more glorious than fall, and fall on that beautiful campus? This didn't feel like punishment at all to me; I loved it.

Anyway, what I recall the most is feeling that rush of adrenaline a lot of the time. I had crushes on several boys, and they on me, and for the first time I actually had a boyfriend. I excelled in Spanish and history, and I should have excelled in English, which I did for a while, but then was crushed when Mr. Butler noted on one of my quarterly (semester?) reports (each master wrote comments on each student so that you ended up with this little deck of paper slips) that after a brilliant start I seemed to have lost my focus. Well, yes. This is what happens to 17-year-olds. ;-)

It's funny to hear Steve Levin's comment about being nervous about waiting tables because of us. Hee! I remember being so nervous about sitting around the table with all these boys, and trying to act all well-bred and courteous, that I simply never ate anything."