Ms. Mary Ann Nix

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Health Center
School Nurse

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School Phone
828-254-6345   x4058


L.P.N., Takoma Hospital

Other Information

Employed Since
Mary Ann Nix, LPN
School Nurse

Takoma Hospital School of Nursing
Appointed in 1992

Mary Ann’s first experience with Asheville School was in 1988 through the school physician for whom she worked at the time, Dr. Everett Smith, M.D. He served in the capacity of school physician for 25 years until retirement. As his nurse, she would accompany him twice a week to see and treat the students. An interesting fact: Head nurse Phyllis Joyner and Mary Ann also worked together for the same doctor at that time, sharing the responsibilities of a busy office practice just as they do in the Infirmary today.

In her free time, she enjoys camping with her husband James, gardening and basically any activity that keeps her outdoors! She and her husband have a small farm where they grow their own produce during the summer months, and then sell at the local Curb Market, keeping her very busy during her “off time” from the school.

She has two small dogs, Gizmo and Zoe who are her constant companions while on campus.