Mr. Tim Plaehn

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Teacher (Humanities)

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828-254-6345   x8084


B.A., Northeastern University
M. Ed., Middlebury College
M. Ed., Harvard

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Tim Plaehn
Humanities Instructor, American Studies; Faculty Chair of the Honor Council

Volleyball Coach
Northeastern University, B. A. English
Harvard Graduate School of Education, M. A. Teaching and Curriculum;
Middlebury College, M. A. English
Appointed in 2006

Tim Plaehn's teaching experience creates such a varied picture that we're not sure what's true and what's not: from a private middle school in Connecticut to a public high school in Las Vegas (do they really have schools in Vegas?!); from a stint teaching journalism at his alma mater in Scituate, Massachusetts to a gig teaching ESL to Tahitian students in San Francisco, California; from one of Atlanta's best private schools to Inishmore's only one. In addition to these classroom experiences, Tim studied educational practices at Harvard and educational philosophy at the University of San Francisco. His love of kids and their enthusiasm for learning brought him ultimately to Asheville School where he teaches American Studies with his wife Helen. The Plaehns live on Faculty Drive with their four children, three dogs, and a cat.