Cody Fund

"Friends bound together by white and blue."

Maintaining a giving relationship

The Cody Annual Fund allows for:

• a competitive tuition cost that is $6-10,000 less than our peer schools
• quality professional development for faculty and staff
• up-to-date software and hardware for the community
• financial aid to students who otherwise could not attend
• new uniforms for teams and materials for the art program

Anyone with a connection to Asheville School — alumni, parents, grandparents, or friends — is a member of a unique community that has stood sturdy for over a century. Just as any relationship needs to be maintained, so does the financial state of our school. This special place continues to thrive because of the community's devotion. Friendships formed here last a lifetime, and we ask that you join us in helping current and future students to develop similar bonds. Please consider giving to a fund that supports our students in so many ways.

Each year from July 1 through June 30, alumni, friends and parents pay homage to Hi Cody's belief in Asheville School and invest in our students and faculty with unrestricted gifts. These Cody Fund gifts play a significant role in the day-to-day education of our students. Whether it is in the classroom, on the athletic field, on the stage, in the community or on dorm, your gifts will have an impact on each member of Asheville School's community.

For further information on Asheville School's Cody Fund, contact Tom Marberger (828-254-6345 ext. 4081).


On Nov. 1, 2005, Asheville School's annual fund was given a name—an identity. For more than 50 years, Hi Cody '33 reached out to his classmates and asked for their support of the school they held so dear. As an alumnus, Hi Cody believed that the greatest gift one can bestow on Asheville School is "an unrestricted gift that comes from the heart."