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Dining Hall Seating (for 5/7)
Dining Hall Map

Final Exam Information
General Exam Information
Two Exams in Science or Math
Exam Locations

Sell Your Textbooks
WHEN: Thursday and Friday between 2pm and 5pm
WHERE: Skinner Library Conference Room
HOW: Print a Buy-Back Quote from MBS and bring your books...
General Information and Guidelines
CLICK HERE to log into the MBS website and generate a Buy-Back Quote

Forms For Students Returning for 2018-2019...
Fall Sport or Activity Preference Form
Dormitory Hall and Advisor Preference Form
Both Forms Due by Friday, May 18th
Both Forms Required for ALL Returning Students

End of Year Departure Form
Required for all boarding students
Due by 10pm Monday (5/21)

Summer Reading 2018
• Required for all returning students

Visiting Colleges

More visits coming this spring...

The Blueline