Student Council

The mission of your Student Council is to “safeguard the worthwhile traditions and customs of the school, represent the students on public occasions, and in every way possible promote school spirit and further the welfare of Asheville School and its students.”


Who We Are

President Nina Mendoza
Vice President Fahad Mohammed Fahad
Secretary Nicole Alleyne Nicole
Treasurer Luke Mitchell Luke
Sixth Form Reps Kate McLemore
Carrick Oh
Kate Carrick
Fifth Form Reps Hannah Chay
Uchenna Ikwuakor
Hannah Uchenna
Fourth Form Reps Proud Jiao
Sasha Jones
Proud Sasha
Third Form Reps (To Be Determined)

International Reps Adonis Guo
Evan Kim
Adonis Evan
Day Student Reps Robert Harlan
Claire Hill
Robert Claire
Faculty Sponsor Ms. Heather Garson Ms. Garson

Our Constitution

Click Here to view a PDF copy of the current Student Council Constitution. The council will be working this year to update and revise the constitution; stay tuned for updates!

School Clubs and Organizations

Club Name Leader(s) Sponsor
Ashnoca Gelsey Beavers-Damron Ms. Bayer
Alpha Drake Coleman Mr. Gregory
Body Positivity Club Lily McLarty, Rylynn Pierson, and Audrey Shores Ms. Grant
Creative Writing Counti McCutchen Mr. Arbor
Debate Club Di Wang and Grayson Sword Mr. Arbor
Design Club Alex Park Ms. Arbor
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) J.P. Schill and Heather Capps Dr. Schill
Film Club Oliver Smith Dr. Hall
Gay/Queer-Straight Alliance Mac Waters, Audrey Gee, and Marshall Moore Ms. Del Castillo
HOSA Kate Cavanaugh Mr. Lambert
LOGOS John Delaloye Mr. Bonner
Martial Arts Club Julia Nolletti Mr. Gregory
Math Club Carrick Oh and Evan Kim Dr. Hill
Microlending Robert Harlan and Ella McIntosh Mr. Pharr
Mitchell Cabinet Kate McLemore and Lillie Bridges Mr. Pharr
Ping Pong Club Adonis Guo and Evan Kim Mr. Becker
Poetry Workshop Counti McCutchen Mr. Jones
The Review Counti McCutchen and Gelsey Beavers-Damron Ms. Bayer
The Sketch Jake Sim Ms. Arbor
Slacklining Club Olivia Bledsoe and Max Martin Mr. Haller
Students for Environmental Action (SEA) Robert Harlan and Claire Hill Ms. Jones
Technology Club John Michael Selser Mr. Long
Volleybros Heath Chase Mr. Plaehn
Young Americans for Freedom
(YAF/Republicans' Club)
Drake Coleman Mr. Gregory

This is the current list of active and sanctioned clubs for 2017-2018. If you have an idea for a club or organization that's not already listed here, please feel free to contact your Student Council representative.

Meetings and Minutes

Under Construction


Let us know what's on your mind. We welcome all productive suggestions and reasonable requests.