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August 30, 2019

Asheville School Awards Scholars for Academic Excellence During 2019 Academic Convocation

On Thursday, August 29, Asheville School held the Fall 2019 Academic Convocation, which recognizes students for their academic accomplishments in the 2018-2019 school year. Congratulations to the following students for their demonstrated excellence and commitment to their studies.

Departmental Awards

Humanities Department

Awards for Excellence in:
Ancient Studies – History:                            Sasho Yang
Ancient Studies – Literature:                        Martha Plaehn
Research Seminar:                                          Elli Efird
World Studies – Literature:                          Vivian Gregory
European Studies – History:                         Lily Fishman
European Studies – English:                         Grace Vo
Studio Art I:                                                    Jenna Jiang
Studio Art II:                                                   Elli Efird

Language Department

Awards for Excellence in:
French I:                                                       Kevin Jones
French II:                                                      Karsen Osborne
French III:                                                     Proud Jiao
French IV:                                                    Jessica Campbell  
Spanish I:                                                     Sasho Yang
Spanish II:                                                    Jake Bernstein
Spanish III:                                                   Sasha Jones
Spanish IV:                                                   Cleo Doran
Spanish Literature:                                     James Pearsall
Chinese I:                                                     Katherine Chay
Chinese II:                                                    Jeehong Jung


Mathematics Department

The Asheville School Mathematics Prizes are supported by a permanent endowment fund created by the family, classmates, and friends of George S. Stearns, Jr., a member of the Class of 1932 and a trustee from 1971 to 1976.

The George S. Stearns, Jr. Awards for Excellence in:
Quantitative Reasoning I:                           Julian Neal
Quantitative Reasoning II:                          Helen Miller
Geometry:                                                    Henry Ley
Algebra II:                                                     Kevin Jones
Functions, Finance & Statistics:                Matthew Hettleman
Precalculus:                                                  Sasho Yang
Calculus AB:                                                 Richard Viso
Calculus BC:                                                 Jenna Jiang



Awards for Excellence in:
First Year Biology:                                      Martha Plaehn
Second Year Biology:                                 Richard Viso
First Year Chemistry:                                  Elli Efird
Second Year Chemistry:                            Anna Bernstein
First Year Physics:                                       Hannah Chay
Second Year Physics:                                  Proud Jiao

Scholar Athlete Awards

Asheville School presents the Scholar Athlete Awards to students whose cumulative grade point average for the year is Honors or High Honors and who have played and lettered in three varsity sports during the year. Those maintaining an Honors average while lettering in three sports receive a silver pin. Those maintaining a High Honors average receive a gold pin. 

Scholar Athlete Silver Pin Recipients:
Kristian Castro
Jose Gonzalez Gerard
Satchel McCutchen
Declan Mettee
Jose Salazar

Scholar Athlete Gold Pin Recipients:
Caroline Bridges
Vivian Gregory
Connor Hovendon
Proud Jiao
Anne Johnson
Sara Frances Jones
Tomson Kaplan
Park McIntosh

The Harvard University Prize

During the 2019 commencement ceremony, former Head of School Arch Montgomery presented the Harvard University Prize to an outstanding member of the fifth form. That prize was awarded to Richard Viso 2020, who was also recognized during the convocation.

Overall Academic Excellence

The following students merit special recognition for overall academic excellence during the 2018-2019 academic year. This distinction is reserved for students whose average effort grades at each of our major marking periods was 4 or higher.

The first group of students maintained an unweighted GPA of 3.75 or higher:
Susannah Birch
Gabriella Brazinski
Katherine Chay
Ben Farley
Lulu Hettleman
Connor Hovendon
Proud Jiao
Sasha Jones
Charlie Kingree
Julian Kotara
Henry Ley
Ben Longo
Helen Ma
Annie Mainwaring
Emma Kate McCann
Julian Neal
Peter Pan
James Pearsall
Kate Sautter
Ann Caton Smith
Connor Smith
Grace Vo
Vivian Yin

The second group of students maintained an unweighted GPA of 4.0:
Anna Bernstein
Jake Bernstein
Emma Brown
Jessica Campbell
Elli Efird
Vivian Gregory
Javon Huang
Jenna Jiang
Anne Johnson
Kevin Jones
Park McIntosh
Emma Nelson
Martha Plaehn
Patrick Sleater
Esther Song
Richard Viso
Caroline Vo
Sasho Yang

Ranking Scholars

Asheville School acknowledges ranking scholars, the student with the highest GPA, of each form for the year.

Ranking Scholar of the Sixth Form, 2018-2019:         Audrey Gee
Ranking Scholar of the Fifth Form, 2018-2019:          Richard Viso
Ranking Scholar of the Fourth Form, 2018-2019:      Jenna Jiang
Ranking Scholars of the Third Form, 2018-2019:       Jake Bernstein and Martha Plaehn

In addition to recognizing the scholar in each form, we also recognize the overall top scholars of the school. The Ranking Scholar of the school is the student with the highest GPA of the whole student body. Each year, the ranking scholar of the school has his or her name engraved on a cup that remains on display in the Skinner Library display case.

Ranking Scholar of the School for 2018-2019:           Richard Viso

Congratulations to all the scholars!