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September 9, 2019

Asheville School Partners with Elite Triathlete Training Program Triathlon Gold

Asheville School is excited to welcome Triathlon Gold, an elite triathlon program led by founder and head coach Jarrod Evans, who has trained more than 25 World Triathlon Champions, 40 National Triathlon Champions and multiple ITU Champions over a 20-year coaching career.  

Triathlon Gold has partnered with Asheville School for use of the school’s athletic facilities, and Director of Alternative Revenue Sarah Bednar says that the partnership goes far past a simple facilities agreement.  

“I think what’s exciting is that Triathlon Gold wants to be part of our community,” said Bednar. “There will be opportunities for our students to watch practices or speak to the athletes. There are a lot of synergies where we can use this partnership to benefit our students.”  

According to the Triathlon Gold website, the group “exists to provide an elite training program and pathway for the next generation of world class triathletes and tomorrow’s Olympic Champions using the best coaching methods available today.” Operating in association with the USA Triathlon National Team, Evans develops elite athletes from across the country and the world.  

Evans says that it is important for his group to train in a location that feels like home. “We tried to align ourselves with people with similar values and high-level expectations, whether that be in life, in sport or in goal setting,” he said. “When we came out to Asheville School, we saw it is clearly invested in academics and sport, and we knew it was an organization we could align with.”  

Asheville School Director of Admission John Smith is excited for students to have role models on campus who work as elite professional athletes. “People who compete at that level have a drive and a charisma that make everyone better,” said Smith. “They want to inspire young athletes to achieve their individual goals. I think it will be great for the school and our community at large to have athletes of this level in our midst.”   

Evans says that he is excited that he and his team will serve as an inspiration. “We like to be inclusive,” he said. “By being here I would love to see students of Asheville School see that our program is an open door for people who are willing to work hard. I am happy to have students come down. I want students to see us and ask, ‘how can I pursue this?’”  

Bednar says that is exactly what she hopes will happen. “I just love excellence,” she said. “I love watching excellence happen. I love that we can expose our students to that. I think we all have images and ideas as kids of what we want to be and what we can be, and with this partnership, we can see what it takes. This is an awesome opportunity for our students.”  

You can learn more about Triathlon Gold at, and you can learn more about Asheville School at