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January 20, 2022

Regionally Recognized Art Students

Asheville School students’ artwork has been recognized by a panel of creative professionals as the most outstanding work submitted among Western North Carolina peers for this years’ Scholastic Art Awards. Of 540 total entries, the judges selected 190 artworks for regional awards. All were blindly adjudicated using the criteria of Originality, Technical Skill, and Emergence of a Personal Voice or Vision. Overall, in WNC there were 20 Gold Keys, 57 Silver Keys, 104 Honorable Mentions, and 5 National American Vision Nominees. Of those Asheville School students earned 7 Gold Keys, 10 Silver Keys, 24 Honorable Mentions, and 3 National American Vision Nominees.

All awarded artworks will be presented in the 2022 WNC Regional Scholastic Art Awards exhibition at the Asheville Art Museum from January 24–March 7, 2022. Gold Key and Silver Key original artworks will be displayed; and Honorable Mention artworks will be displayed digitally. A live award ceremony will be virtually shared through the Asheville Art Museum on Saturday, January 29, 2022, 2pm. Students’ artwork can be viewed here.

Since 1923, the Scholastic Art Awards have recognized some of America’s most celebrated artists and writers while they were teenagers, including: Amanda Gorman, Sylvia Plath, Tschabalala Self, Stephen King, Kay WalkingStick, Charles White, Joyce Carol Oates, and Andy Warhol. Congratulate these students as they are now one among these celebrated artists across the nation and across generations.

Logan Brunk
Two Sides of the Same Coin – Gold Key, National American Visions Nominee (Photography)***
Solitude – Gold Key (Photography)**
Brother – Silver Key (Photography)*
Naturally Noosed – Honorable Mention (Sculpture)
Hollow – Honorable Mention (Photography)
Silent Connection – Honorable Mention (Photography)
All Falls Down – Honorable Mention (Photography)

Lilly Burkley
Homemade Garden – Honorable Mention (Sculpture)
Persephone’s Garden – Honorable Mention (Drawing and Illustration)

Lydia Byrne
Bad Apple – Silver Key (Mixed Media)*

Kate Choi
The Crossing – Silver Key (Mixed Media)*
Father Sleeping – Honorable Mention (Drawing and Illustration)
Within the Oak Trees – Honorable Mention (Drawing and Illustration)

Margaret Harris
Furthermore – Silver Key (Drawing and Illustration)*
Dream Greenery – Silver Key (Painting)*
Lock Bug – Honorable Mention (Photography)

Ann Lee
Meli – Gold Key, National American Visions Nominee (Drawing and Illustration)*** [Pictured Above]
Princly – Honorable Mention (Drawing and Illustration)

Henry Ley
Age of Rust – Gold Key, National American Visions Nominee (Photography)***
Over Coat Over Tie – Silver Key (Painting)*
For Purple Mountains – Silver Key, Art Portfolio (Photography)*
Hospitality – Honorable Mention (Photography)
Onwards Upwards – Honorable Mention (Photography)

Scarlett McCarroll
Here Comes the Sun – Honorable Mention (Drawing and Illustration)
We’re Not For Sale – Honorable Mention (Painting)

Bill Park 
A Relaxing Day – Silver Key (Painting)*
My Room – Honorable Mention (Painting)

Zoe Park 
L202 – Honorable Mention (Painting)
Untitled – Honorable Mention (Painting)
Eclipse – Honorable Mention (Photography)

Eleanor Peters
Vacant Motel – Honorable Mention (Painting)

Fiona Shi 
Hemispheres – Honorable Mention (Mixed Media)

Georgia Stone
Why Are Our Statistics So Much Higher? – Silver Key (Mixed Media)*

Marley Trumbower
View – Honorable Mention (Photography)

Nikolai Van Niekerk
Desdemona – Gold Key (Painting)**
Morning Has Broken – Honorable Mention (Painting)
Dancing Among the Lily Pads – Honorable Mention (Mixed Media)

Yaxuan Wen
Shakivatou – Gold Key (Painting)**
Bamboo – Silver Key (Painting)*
Transitioning – Honorable Mention (Painting)      

Gloria Zhang
Ethnicity is NOT a Virus – Gold Key (Mixed Media)** 

***National American Visions Nominee are artworks that will be considered for National Awards, including Gold Medal, Silver Medal with Distinction, Silver Medal, and scholarship awards. These artworks will also be considered for the Prestigious American Visions Medal.
**Gold Key are artworks that will be considered for National Awards, including Gold Medal, Silver Medal with Distinction, Silver Medal, and scholarship awards.
*Silver Key are artwork that show incredible originality, technical skill, and emergence of a personal voice or vision.