Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to our most commonly asked questions from parents of students in all grade levels. If you are looking for answers to navigating the college application process, see our College Office FAQ page.

Where do I find important information throughout the year?

Director of Parent Engagement Lynn Gilliland will send you a weekly news email from Asheville School beginning in August and ending after graduation. This e-news contains updates, permission forms, pick-up times, important dates and deadlines, and photos, videos and articles about your students! If you cannot find the weekly e-news, check your promotions or spam folders. If you need help accessing the e-news, email or call Lynn Gilliland at or (828) 254-6345 ext. 4075.

You can also request to join the Asheville School Parents Facebook group, where you will find the e-news posted each week.

Throughout the year, you will receive occasional e-mails from the College Office, the Student Life Office, or other school departments. Make sure that you regularly check your email and contact Lynn Gilliland if you need to make a change to your contact information.

Another great source of information is our Parent Resources page, where you will find recent news, the parents' calendar, which has on- and off-campus events and daily activities, and the Parent Portal, which will take you to secure resources for parents.

What school supplies will my student need?

School Supplies

(Many of these items are also available in the School bookstore)

pens, pencils, erasers (with a pencil bag/pouch)
starter supply of paper (lined and graph)
3-ring binders: D ring with clear cover pocket on front (1.5")
a few spiral notebooks
assignment book (the Asheville School planner available in the bookstore upon arrival)
dictionary and thesaurus
seat cushion for desk chair
backpack (wide enough to carry a few textbooks and binders at the same time)
index cards (3 x 5) for flash cards or a box of blank flash cards
large desk or wall calendar for the academic year

Mathematics Department Calculator Policy

Calculators are used extensively in all math courses beyond Algebra 1 and Geometry. It is imperative for teachers and all students to use the same technology to facilitate learning; therefore, the mathematics department has developed the following calculator policy: All students taking a math course beyond Algebra I or Geometry (beginning with Algebra 2) are required to have a Texas Instruments calculator of model 83+, 83+ Silver Edition, 84+, or 84+ Silver Edition. Students are required to have the calculators in class with them each day unless otherwise noted by the teacher.

What will my boarding student need to pack?

stereo/ipod/mp3 players
alarm clock
wrist watch
a comfortable chair for reading or lounging (optional)
a window fan
a flashlight
desk lamp

Personal Hygiene
shampoo and conditioner
hair care supplies
shower caddy to carry soap/shampoo etc. to the shower
shower shoes like flip-flops
toothpaste, toothbrush (and don't forget to floss!)
personal and toilet items: soap, Band-Aids, AlkaSeltzer, Neosporin, Tylenol, Advil, shaving supplies or electric shaver, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, etc.

Linens and Laundry
bed linens for Twin XL & pillow
curtains, blinds and screens (recommend you purchase after check-in)
Window Sizes:
- 1st Lawrence: 96 x 84
- 1st Anderson: 48 x 72
- 2nd & 3rd Lawrence and 2nd & 3rd Anderson:
single - 48 x 63, double - 96 x 63
- Kehaya: inside dimensions - 64 x 64 (rod to floor - 95")
towels and washcloths
laundry bag
laundry detergent
dryer sheets

To order dorm bedding and bundles from American Made Dorm and Home, click here. This service ensures your dorm bedding (comforters, sheets, towels, mattress pads, pillows and more) will be at Asheville School when you arrive!

For information about room layout, refer to these links: Kehaya, Lawrence, Anderson

stationary, envelopes, stamps, address book
decorations for room (posters, pictures of family, small plants)
note: posters must be put up with "FUNTAC" - no nails or tape
plastic drinking cup, fork, knife, spoon, mug
water bottle

Please DO NOT bring irons, coffee pots, hot plates, or other heating elements!

When do students find out about their courses and schedule for next year?

For returning students, the course selection process begins in February when teachers review their students’ academic records and make recommendations for the following year. Students then review these recommendations with their advisors, at which time they can request alternative courses if necessary.

In April, parents can review and approve those courses within NetClassroom.

As new students are enrolled over the summer, our Registrar will review their previous transcripts and standardized test scores and, based upon that information, make an initial recommendation for appropriate courses. For placement into some math classes and upper level foreign language classes, new students might need to take an online placement test; our Registrar will contact those students individually with specific instructions.

Student class schedules will be available on opening day.

Over the summer, our Registrar will be working to build the academic schedule; adjustments to that schedule and to class enrollment will continue right up until the first day of school to ensure that sections are balanced and that students are enrolled in the appropriate courses.

After classes begin, all students will have the opportunity to modify their schedules if necessary. That process requires the input of the student’s advisor, the relevant teachers, and the student’s parents. The “Drop/Add” window closes after the mid-term grades are released in late October.

What is the dress code?

Our goal is to maintain criteria for dress and grooming that fosters pride in self and respect for School standards and helps our students to find their places here at Asheville School based on their accomplishments rather than on their outward appearance. Students are expected to dress in clean neat clothes that fit well and are in good repair, modest in style and appropriate for the occasion. An unkempt appearance and/or extremes of dress or appearance are not acceptable at Asheville School.

All clothing worn during the academic day must be clean, and be both in good taste and good condition. Students are expected to enter Sharp Dining Hall, Mitchell Hall, and Skinner Library well groomed.

Clothing or accessories with printed statements or symbols referring to drugs or alcohol, or containing racist, sexist, sexual, insensitive or divisive remarks may never be worn.

Students may not wear clothing with revealing midriff that has holes, tears, or frayed hems, or is excessively short. Pajamas and old, comfortable but “distressed” clothing is considered appropriate in the dormitory but not for Mitchell Hall, Skinner Library or Sharp Dining Hall. Bra straps, boxer shorts, etc., should never be visible.

Boys may not wear earrings at any time. Other forms of body piercing are prohibited.

Girls may wear earrings only in their ears. Other forms of body piercing are prohibited.

Students may not have any visible tattoos.

Any radical hairstyle is prohibited. Hair must remain within a slight variation of the person’s natural color.

For boys, hair must be combed and neat. Hair should fall above chin level when hanging freely and must stay out of the face.

No facial hair.

The School has two categories to its dress code: Spirit Dress and Classroom Dress.

Spirit Dress is worn on White-Week Fridays and Service Saturdays unless otherwise specified by the Student Life Office.

Students will wear an official Asheville School T-shirt or sweatshirt on top with jeans, Khaki pants, or dress shorts on the bottom. Jeans and Khaki pants may not be torn or frayed. Shorts must be cleanly-cut, not torn or grayed, and must also be 2” above the knee or longer. Khaki, pastel, seersucker, plaid, or other respectable looking shorts of appropriate length are allowed. Sweatpants, “Chubbies,” athletic, jean, cargo, or other similar non-dress shorts are not allowed with spirit dress. No non-Asheville School outerwear may be worn over the Asheville School t-shirt/sweatshirt. The logo must be showing hence promoting School Spirit.

Classroom Dress is worn on all class days from breakfast through the last academic period and on Sundays. Clothing for students should be appropriate for a typical special occasion.

Students will wear dress pants or dress skirts worn with dress button down shirts or blouses, and dress shoes or dress boots. Students must wear belts with dress pants that have loops in the original design and must wear dress socks with all shoes other than heels or dress flats. Blazers will be worn with pant and skirt combinations. For boys, ties must be worn with button down shirts. Girls may wear dresses that meet our standards (below); boys may wear suits.

Details for Classroom Dress:

Classroom Dress does not include any athletic wear, hats, hoodies, or outerwear nor does it include clothing made with denim, lycra, spandex, flannel, leather, or fleece.

Shirts: Only dress, collared, button-down shirts or dress blouses with long or short sleeves are acceptable. Button down shirts must be tucked in at all times and must be buttoned all the way to and including the neck button when wearing a tie. Button down shirts and blouses must be a loose and professional fit and do not include tee-shirts or shirts primarily made of lycra, corduroy, denim, spandex, leather, flannel or fleece. Dress shirts and blouses must be appropriately buttoned.

Ties: Ties must be properly tied at the neck. Bowties are acceptable.

Pants: Pants must be a dress pant fit. Dress Pants are made of cotton, cotton blend, wool or wool blend fabric. Capri pants are allowed; joggers, jean-cut pants, hip huggers, spandex, cargo pants are not part of Classroom Dress. Jeans, whether they be denim or colored, are not acceptable. Pants must be worn at the waist.

Skirts: Skirts must be a dress skirt fit – no form-fitting, tight skirts are allowed. Skirts must be no shorter than 2” above the knee when the student is seated. Any slits or kick pleats must not be more than 2” above the knee. Denim skirts are not allowed, and skirts may not be manufactured primarily with lycra or spandex.

Blazers: Blazers or sport coats must be of a professional style and worn with pants or skirts. Blazers may not have zippers and may not be made of leather, suede, imitation leather or suede, denim, neoprene, or fleece. Sweaters or outer wear jackets, such as pea-coats, may not be worn in place of a blazer or sport coat. Suits may be worn.

Sweaters: Crew neck sweaters, quarter-zip sweaters, sweater vests, and dress cardigans may be worn with a collared shirt in combination with skirts and pants but may not be substituted for a blazer. Sweaters may not have hoods and may not be made of fleece, neoprene or sweatshirt material.

Dresses: Dresses must be a conservative and professional fit. Dress length should be 2 inches above the knee when seated. Dresses should not be skin tight nor expose cleavage. Dresses may not have cut out backs and, if sleeveless, should have shoulder straps at least 2 inches wide. T-shirt style dresses, swing dresses, or dresses that require camisoles or undershirts in order to cover cleavage are not acceptable. Dresses may also be worn with a dress cardigan.

Shoes: Classroom Dress shoes do not include flip flops, casual sandals, cowboy boots, slippers, athletic shoes, Ugg style boots, or work style boots. Birkenstocks are acceptable if they are closed toe and must be worn with socks. Shoes must be a conservative, dress shoe or dress boot. Socks must be worn with dress shoes except for heels or dress flats. During inclement weather, appropriate cold/wet weather shoes may be worn.

I have another question. Who should I contact?

Director of Parent Engagement Lynn Gilliland is here to help you find an answer to questions and listen to any comments or suggestions you might have. Contact Lynn by email at or by phone at 828-254-6345, Extenstion 4075.