Admission Overview

Admission to Asheville School is highly competitive. Most prospective students have been high achievers in their previous schools, both in and out of the classroom.

But equally important to a student's demonstrated academic ability is the motivation to carry on Asheville School's high standards and tradition of excellence.

A student must be a good citizen and have the desire and drive to contribute to the success of the overall school community.

Applying to Asheville School

Applying to Asheville School is an exercise in self-discovery. Applicants are amazed by what they learn about themselves just by considering our school. Our application process is not necessarily a simple one; it takes effort and commitment -- things our students draw upon every day in order to be successful here. The process is well worth it, however, in terms of what you will discover about yourself.

Admission is Competitive

Every year, Asheville School receives significantly more applications than it has spaces available. Within this competitive framework, applicants are judged on the basis of citizenship, interest in attending Asheville School, demonstrated academic ability and likely involvement in our school community.


We want active, engaged, interested, curious kids. The only way you can be a small school and be successful is to have kids who want to do stuff. Everybody's got to be doing something to make the place work.

Arch Montgomery
Head of School