Faculty Responsibilities


Asheville School teachers typically have a standard teaching load of 4 class sections. Some faculty have fewer or more classes depending on other responsibilities. Class sections average 10-12 students.


Most teaching faculty either coach a sport or sponsor an after-school activity 2 out of 3 seasons.

Residential Life

Approximately 70% of our faculty and administrators live with their families on campus. Many live in apartments built into residential halls. Others live in separate apartments or homes on campus. Dorm faculty help supervise residential life, usually serving 2 nights of official duty each week and a weekend shift every 4 to 6 weeks. All faculty, whether on campus or not, assist with occasional evening or weekend supervision.

Student Activities

Faculty and administrators are expected to chaperone or supervise 3 weekend events each semester. Examples of student activities include dances, outings in Asheville, camping trips, etc.

Committee Work

The Headmaster appoints faculty to various standing and ad hoc committees as needed. Most faculty members sit on 1 to 3 committees. Most committees meet once every week or two to set School policy, monitor student progress, plan programs, etc.