Compensation & Benefits


Asheville School offers competitive salaries in line with private schools of our type and size.

Campus Housing

We supply rent-free campus housing for faculty, including basic utilities. Housing units range from 1 bedroom efficiency apartments to 2,800-square-feet single family homes.

Health Plan Coverage

The School pays 90% of employee health insurance premiums and 45% of the family premium. The program has a $10 co-pay for primary care visits.

Retirement Plan

All employees can participate in our retirement plan after a year of service. The School automatically contributes an amount equal to 5% of an employee's base salary. In addition, we match 1 to 1 any individual contributions up to another 5%. The plan is managed by TIAA-CREF which offers a number of different investment choices.

Professional Development Opportunities

The School budget provides funding for faculty to attend workshops, conferences, and other programs that promote professional growth. Additionally, a faculty member or administrator can apply for funding from the Buice Fund to pursue a personal avocation. For example, this funding allowed one teacher to design and carry out a service trip to the Dominican Republic. Another traveled to Alaska to kayak. A third participated in an intensive wood-carving seminar.

Vacation & Holidays

We do require Saturday classes every other week. This, coupled with coaching and other work obligations, makes for a very busy school year. However, we do offer longer vacations than most schools.

Most classroom teachers have summers off as well as school breaks. Breaks include 2 weeks at Christmas, 2 weeks in March, 1 week at Thanksgiving, and several long weekends during the school year. We also have a sick and personal day policy. Most of our administrators work under a 12-month contract with a set number of vacation days to be taken at the convenience of the employee and the School.