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Mission & Values

Our Mission:

Asheville School is a diverse and nurturing community that challenges and supports the mind, body, and spirit of our students by developing their resilience, intellect, and character. 

This mission drives every action and decision made by members of the faculty and staff at Asheville School.

Our Values:

Students abide by Asheville School's Honor Code:
"I will not lie, cheat or steal, and I will report any violation of the Honor Code."

In our small community, one person's actions affect everyone.

We expect our students to live by high ethical standards. The foundation of ethical behavior is honesty. Students "pledge" and sign all independent work. And students constitute the majority of the Honor Council, the educational and disciplinary body which hears all violations of the Code. As a result, our students live with a fair measure of freedom: they are trusted by adults and trust one another.

Be part of a nurturing community.

At Asheville School, you will find opportunities to challenge yourself and grow in a nurturing community where students and faculty members genuinely know one another. Founded in 1900, Asheville School is one of the few remaining small co-ed boarding schools in America.

Be prepared to thrive.

With a rigorous college preparatory program, many of our graduates are accepted to the most prestigious schools in the country. Asheville School empowers students to raise their expectations because when students are known and loved, their potential is boundless.

A group of six students chats in the hallway

Graduate with a competitive edge.

Through athletics, the arts, service programming, and opportunities to engage with teachers, peers and the community, Asheville School offers students endless paths to create meaning while gaining the skills and independence needed to thrive in college and in life.

Asheville School's motto, Vitae Excelsioris Limen, translates to "Threshold of a Higher Life"

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