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Asheville School
Dare to
be Extraordinary.
The opportunities before you are boundless

Live and learn alongside classmates from all over the world. Students from 25 countries and 16 states call this place their home away from home. Asheville School is a tapestry of their curiosity, passions, and dreams, and your experience will be forever woven into our fabric. You may not yet know who you aspire to be—and that’s okay. We will help you explore your passions and discover who you are meant to be. Along the way, you will create a network that knows you, supports you, and values you—and does everything possible to help you succeed. Here is where you belong.

Explore the School
It is a privilege to learn and live at Asheville School, a small and special enclave among ancient mountains.
Education is about more than curriculum; it is about community.
Make bonds that last a lifetime

On this storied campus, students forge connections, build character, and grow beyond the confines of their imagination.

Clocking thousands of miles and amassing dozens of passport stamps, students from 25 countries call this place their home away from home. As we converge on campus each fall, our minds and perspectives expand alongside classmates from every corner of the globe.

Our feet are planted in one of the world's most ancient and biodiverse locales. This place--our backyard, our classroom--is pure magic. We are renewed with each changing season. Its peace, its calm, and its wonder are always here to welcome us.

The heart of our experience is analog connection, and you'll discover there is so much to see when you stow your phone during the academic day. Learn to be present and engage in the scene around you, enjoying its color, its sound, its people--all here, together.

Why is pure, unabashed fun underrated in education? On our campus, it is essential. Our joy stems from painting our faces blue on game day, indulging in a sugar-laced banana, and cruising down snow-dusted hills, shrieking like children. Release your insecurities and revel in the delight of it all.

Here is Where You will Thrive

Students ascend to their unique, full potential through a dynamic balance of pursuits on our campus. Where will you begin?