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April 3, 2024

100 Years of Student Philanthropy

Mitchell Cabinet is Asheville School’s longest-running philanthropic service organization, founded in 1928 as a branch of the 1923-founded Mitchell Society. In its early years, the cabinet collected Sunday chapel offerings to make contributions to area charity organizations. In the century since its founding, the group has conducted hundreds of service projects and raised money for local, national, and international causes. Past president Gracey Abernethy shared what made 2022­–2023 so special.

Why do you think this club has been such a strong organization for so long?

Asheville School prides itself on emphasizing service and focusing their students’ minds on the outward. Mitchell Cabinet has persisted through administration and policy changes. When required service stopped, Mitchell Cabinet pushed through in order to foster those valuable connections and experiences for the students. As service becomes less institutionally motivated, students in the organization recognize the importance of service in our community; furthermore, Asheville School’s responsibility to give back and reach outside of our bubble. 

What are the main values of Mitchell Cabinet as an organization?

Wide range engagement, giving back to local and global communities, and service education. 

Some of your favorite accomplishments while working with Mitchell Cabinet?

I loved the breast cancer awareness fundraisers. Specifically the pie in the face—I thought it was a super unique and engaging way to raise money. But every trash pickup was awesome! They were surprisingly exciting and a good time even despite the stench. My favorite part was the wide range of participators across grades, sports, and groups. 

Who has been a mentor to you at Asheville School?

Peter Shores was my biggest hype man, confidante, and role model. He was the reason I joined Mitchell Cabinet in the first place and inspired and supported every fundraiser and service opportunity. He helped me navigate leading the group and was supportive in every way.

Mitchell Cabinet

Service through the decades