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Board of Trustees

As the governing body of Asheville School, the Board of Trustees is responsible for charting the course of the institution and planning its future. Board members come from a broad range of professions and backgrounds, but they share in common a love for and dedication to the school.

Group of board members smiling on brick steps.
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2022-2023 Board of Trustees
Mr. Walter G. Cox Jr. 1972, P '06, Chair
Ms. Lara Glass, P '19, Co-Vice Chair
Mr. Thomas H. Shores, Jr. 1985, P '20, '23, Co-Vice Chair
Dr. José A. González 1985, P '20, '23, '25, Treasurer
Mr. Thomas E. Cone 1972
Rev. Canon Dana Corsello, P '22
Ms. Elizabeth P. Ewing 1993
Ms. Miya R. Gray 1993
Mr. Alex J. Hagan 1983
Ms. Mary Robinson Hervig 2002
Ms. Elizabeth Klump, P '19
Ms. Janet Ley, P '22
Mr Marcellus Parker 2000
Mr. Dexter Perry 1987, P '22
Mr. Oliver G. Prince Jr. 1971, P '00
Dr. Hyde Russell 1991, P '22, '24
Dr. Anthony Sgro 1984, ex officio Head of School
Mr. Scott Shealy 1984, P '19, '21
Mr. David M. Stover 1975, P '11
Ms. Morgan Mischer Warth 2005

P - Parents of Students or Alumni

Trustee Emeritus Members
Mr. William T. Buice III 1957
The Hon. Levin H. Campbell 1944
Mr. Philip R. Clarke III 1966, P '06, P '09
Mr. James A. Fisher 1964
Mr. William P. Hypes 1942
Mr. Stephen A. Jarislowsky 1942
Mr. Richard M. Noel 1948, P '75
Mr. William F. Paulsen 1965
Mr. Larry Pless 1971, P ’09, P ’13
Mr. Talmage G. Rogers, Jr. 1956, P '82, P '84, P '86
Mr. John R.E. Ruhl, Sr., P '80, P '80, P '84
Mr. William M. W. Sharp P'84
Ms. Molly R. Smith​ P '69, P '72

P - Parents of Alumni