Asheville School



Innovation Lab

Asheville School has partnered with the University of North Carolina Asheville to establish the Asheville School Innovation Lab, a dedicated space in UNC Asheville’s River Arts Makers Place building.

There, UNC Asheville houses their Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) Studio: a 12,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility that combines the latest tools in robotics, sculpture, fabrication, woodworking, design and engineering.

Asheville School students have the opportunity to employ their skills to create tangible objects using these tools. Learning from UNC Asheville seniors majoring in Mechatronics as well as university professors, they get hands-on experience in every step of the making process.

The tech group poses for a group photo in the STEAM Studio
Students reaching in to laser cutting machine to retrieve cut plates
Student holds out a laser cut plate for the camera
Students look at their work around the engraving machine
Students look at each other's engraved work
Student adds sand to visual sound table
Group of students tests the visual sound table
Thomas Welding
Students inspecting the tiles they designed that were just created with a laser cutter