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Why Asheville School?

It is a privilege to learn and live at Asheville School. In this small and special enclave among ancient mountains, you will never get lost or lose yourself. Your role in our community is vital.

The open road before you is best traveled by those who dare to be extraordinary. We cannot predict your future, but we will prepare you with all we know to be true. You will learn that you belong here—just as you belong everywhere. This experience will be one that you cherish forever. You will graduate a truer, braver, wiser version of yourself. 

And what you share with others will be something unique. It will be you.

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Iva Simms '25

Meet Iva Simms! Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, this rising 4th Form student is finding her way at Asheville School. She shines on the stage and is a fierce competitor on the track.

Iva came here with a desire to widen her worldview through our academic program and engage in activities outside of her comfort zone. She embraces our intentionally tight-knit community that is readying her to thrive in college and in life.

Peter Pan '22

Meet Peter Pan! Peter is from Shanghai, China and just wrapped up his time at Asheville School. When Peter delivered his Senior Chapel Talk, his advisor, Mr. Konrad Herath, introduced him perfectly:

“In our Asheville School collective consciousness, Peter has entirely supplanted an iconic household name. When this community hears the name Peter Pan, no one thinks about the flying green boy who wouldn’t grow up. Instead, we know that we are talking about the exceedingly bright, refreshingly confident, genuinely friendly young man on second Anderson who sings, acts, dances, plays piano, composes, swims, runs, organizes required fun dictation contests, wears great costumes, runs multiple clubs, and of course speaks Chinese, English, Spanish, and French all better than many people speak one language, all whilst maintaining extraordinary modesty.”

Mr. Mohamud Isaq (Humanities)

Meet Mr. Mohamud Isaq! Mohamud is a new faculty member who brings a breadth of teaching and coaching experiences to Asheville School.

Mohamud’s expertise in history and geography has elevated the Ancient Studies curriculum. He loves teaching about Grecian views towards leading a good life because it provides the space for students to wrestle with ever-present existential questions.

Don’t fret, he also makes sure to touch upon more lighthearted (but hotly contested!) topics such as exotic foods at seated meals. Mr. Isaq might question your taste buds if you are a fan of frog legs.

Mr. Isaq has fully embraced the communal life that is distinct to the boarding experience at Asheville School. He infuses his infectious personality and passion in all that he does for our community. 

Marley Trumbower '23

“To the 8th graders I would say, try! Reach out. We want you to be here. We want you to be part of this community.”

Meet Marley! She’s a yearbook editor, a mountaineer, a scholar, a friend. Choosing to attend boarding school was an important and transformative step for Marley, and deciding on Asheville School made all the difference.

Henry Lee '22

Meet Henry Ley! Henry is a freshly minted Blues alumnus, Manhattan native, and avid adventurer. He knew that Asheville School was unparalleled the moment he stepped foot on campus and saw Mount Pisgah towering in the distance.

In his Senior Chapel Talk, he reflected on what his time exploring the mountains has meant to him.

He shared, “When I’m on campus and I see Mount Pisgah and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance, they remind me of how grateful I am for the time I have spent at this school, and they have caused me to realize that the reason I have loved this school as much as I have is because my experiences at Asheville School have so closely resembled my experiences in the mountains. Not because of its challenges, but because of how those challenges have brought our community together.”

Learn more about Henry’s experiences summiting mountains, metaphorical or otherwise, in this video and in his Senior Chapel Talk.

Zoe Park '23

“It was just so fun to try new things while holding on to what I love.”

Meet Zoe Park! The pandemic presented her with the opportunity to seek out an alternative educational route away from virtual learning. Boarding school gave her the chance to spend time in person with her peers and embrace faculty as mentors.

She might appear as a blur running from the classroom to her activities, but being involved in so many facets of this place gives her great joy. Zoe is a dancer, artist, voracious reader, and engaged learner who is eager to dive into new experiences at Asheville School.