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Why Asheville School?

Asheville School - Admission

Energizing. Inspiring. Life Changing. 

Why Asheville School? Well, it’s so much more than just a school. It’s a place that instills a sense of community, curiosity, and a love of learning. A place where genuine relationships form and flourish. A place that challenges students to exceed even the highest expectations in pursuit of excellence while building their confidence in their future and themselves. It’s dynamic, diverse, and most of all, devoted to being a place where passion meets opportunity and students feel like they belong. 

Hear From Our Students

Our community makes up the heart and soul of Asheville School. We believe that when students are known and loved, their potential is boundless.  Students learn to thrive because they are encouraged to persevere, learn from their mistakes and strive for excellence. 

All faculty members serve as advisors, lead student activities and coach or sponsor a club, and 80% of faculty members live on campus. This creates a dynamic where students feel safe to stretch beyond their comfort zones.