Asheville School



Working at Asheville School is like no other experience. Faculty and staff members are fully a part of our small community—most Asheville School employees live on campus alongside colleagues and students and lead or participate in school events.

Asheville School is a diverse and nurturing community that challenges and supports the mind, body, and spirit of our students by developing their resilience, intellect, and character. Every action undertaken by the faculty and staff at Asheville School supports our mission and upholds our core values.

Asheville School hires faculty and staff positions. All teaching positions are designated as faculty positions.

Current Openings

“To people considering a job in a boarding school, especially a job that has a residential life component, I offer an analogy: when I was growing up, I saw my parents every day, not just one night a week for three hours. Working at Asheville School is a way of life. One has to jump all in!”

Burt Gordon '86, Asheville School Faculty Member

Teacher stands at a Harkness table surrounded by students