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Why invest in Asheville School?

Because the value of an Asheville School education extends far beyond a 300-acre campus.

Because authentic human connection is vital to creating a world we all want to live in.

Because a student’s formative years are shaped by choices: theirs, ours and yours. That fact energizes us.

But we believe the value of your investment can be best conveyed by the students themselves:

Uchenna with friends

“Coming from a public school in New York, I thought I had experienced one of the most diverse cultures possible. Now I realize that Asheville School has better prepared me for the real world than I ever could have been otherwise. Thank you for allowing me to become a better person.”

Uchenna Ikwuakor 2019

SJ with friends at Graduation

“Asheville School has affected me in so many ways – the most important one being relationships. I have formed so many strong relationships with faculty and students that I know will last a lifetime.”

SJ Kline 2017

Grayson with friends on College Day

“Asheville School is an integral part of who I am and I will keep the lessons I’ve learned for the rest of my life. Your donations make my education possible.”

Grayson Sword 2019

Kamryn in AP Environmental Science

“My initial thought as a third former was that the faculty and facilities were paid entirely through school tuition. However, I was amazed to hear that donations from our alumni, parents and friends make the Asheville School experience what it is. This not only excited me for the day that I could give back to the school, but it allowed me to appreciate everything a little bit more.”

Kamryn Graham 2019

Two Students use binoculars on campus during an environmental science class

These experiences, and thousands more, are made possible because of philanthropic investments in Asheville School.

Whether you choose to invest in today’s needs or our bold vision for tomorrow, we thank you for considering a gift to Asheville School.

Because of you, our students will continue to bring their talents--and character--to the world.