Since Asheville School's founding in 1900, our donors have played a crucial role in our success. Every gift, whether large or small, sends a message that you believe in Asheville School and our students.

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We are on solid ground - more than 100 years of challenging young minds to reach their full potential in the classroom, on the athletic field, on the stage, on the mountains, and in the community. Philanthropy and good stewardship have allowed Asheville School to draw on its past to create positive changes rather than being locked in time by outmoded customs.

Whether you are supporting the day-to-day life of our students and faculty or long-term plans to keep our school viable and competitive, your gifts are used carefully and invested wisely. We ask that each person give as generously as possible within his or her means. Help us make Asheville School's second hundred years even greater than the first!

Help us keep Asheville School strong today, tomorrow, and forever!

Cody Annual Fund

  • Over 1,300 donors help to complete the Asheville School experience by funding nearly 10% of all student, faculty, parent, and alumni programs at the school. The Cody Fund helps keep our tuition competitive, provides professional development for faculty and staff, gives financial aid to students in need, and covers necessary day to day expenses at our school. There is no greater fundraising need at Asheville School, and your contribution will go to immediate use today - not years down the road. These gifts typically range from $25 to $10,000 or more.

Capital Giving

  • We rely on gifts from our community to renovate and build facilities, with our current priorities being the renovation of our three historic buildings (Anderson, Lawrence and Mitchell) and building the endowment. Asheville School is focused on the preservation of our buildings while maintaining our wonderful natural surroundings. Capital gifts are typically made through three or five year pledges, and range from $5,000 to more than $1,000,000.

Peck Society/Planned Giving

  • Planned gifts may be in the form of a percentage or dollar value of an asset, IRA, insurance policy, or other charitable vehicles (trusts, pooled income funds, etc.). Peck Society members are able to leverage tax-efficient estate planning and leave a lasting legacy, benefitting themselves, their family, and Asheville School.