Annual Giving: The Cody Fund

Hi Cody

“I owe a great deal to Asheville School, and whatever I do is my way of paying back.”

Hiram “Hi” Cody, Jr. ’33 was so moved by his one year as a student at Asheville School that he credited it as the most important turning point in his life. As a result, he devoted himself to giving back so others could have the same experience.  Cody understood that his gifts and the gifts of others work together to sustain the school.   

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The Power of Collective Giving

Annual contributions to the Cody Fund provide vital operating funds to ensure that Asheville School’s immediate and greatest needs are met each year to sustain the excellence of the School and the student experience.

Together, these gifts address expenses not covered by tuition, allowing Asheville School to make a bold and meaningful commitment to our students and faculty. A commitment that we simply couldn’t fulfill otherwise.


What it Takes to Educate an Asheville School Student

What it takes to educate a student at Asheville School: 25% donations and 75% tuition
Pam Reid Works with student

"I give to the Cody Fund with a grateful heart for the many years that I have been privileged to teach the BEST students EVER and to work with the BEST colleagues EVER! My life has been nourished, nurtured, and blessed with joy at Asheville School for over 30 years. Giving to the Cody Fund is a way for me to say thank you."

Pam Reid
Math Instructor 1989 - 2019

Make an immediate impact.
Your gift will support the student experience that is Asheville School and set the foundation for a lifetime of growth and possibility.

Gifts to the Cody Fund support the elements that provide transformative experiences for each student:

Science Class

Ongoing Academic Initiatives & Training

Square Dance

Residential Life Enhancements


Equestrian Program

Mountaineering Program

Eight students stand in front of Washington Monument

College Tours & Field Trips

Mitchell Hall

Preservation of Existing Facilities

A group of athletes stands in their uniforms

Athletic Equipment & Uniforms

Student pours liquid into beaker in science class

Facility Improvements for Learning Success

When I was at Asheville School, I was acutely aware that something profound was happening there and inside of me every single day. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was then, and I still can’t today, but I think that's because the magnitude of an Asheville School education is so great. I give to the Cody Fund because I honestly believe that my experiences at Asheville School are still shaping me today. The world needs more people who have experiences like this, and I want to be a part of making that become a reality.”

Morgan Mischer Warth
Class of 2005

Morgan Mischer Warth
Asheville School - Giving