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The Power of Collective Giving

Annual contributions to The Blues Fund provide vital operating funds to ensure that Asheville School’s immediate and greatest needs are met each year to sustain the excellence of the School and the student experience. Blues Fund contributions directly impact our students, athletes, and artists. They benefit our amazing faculty through salary support and professional development, and ensure we are able to provide essential financial aid and scholarships. Each and every gift, in any amount, enhances the Asheville School experience and sets the foundation for a lifetime of growth and possibility. 

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When I was at Asheville School, I was acutely aware that something profound was happening there and inside of me every single day. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was then, and I still can’t today, but I think that's because the magnitude of an Asheville School education is so great. I give to The Blues Fund because I honestly believe that my experiences at Asheville School are still shaping me today. The world needs more people who have experiences like this, and I want to be a part of making that become a reality.”

Morgan Mischer Warth
Class of 2005

Morgan Mischer Warth
Asheville School - Giving